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  1. Precisely. Warriors sweep Blazers. Raptors take Bucks to seven games. Bucks have home court over Warriors. I begged my folks to take me to that Candlestick concert. Didn't happen.
  2. Ending the thread jack soon. The Warriors look like a new team with KD down. The energy level has gone up. Still, when you need points, KD is money more than anyone else on the team. Maybe he'll play twenty off the bench. That would add a whole new twist for the Bucks to choke on. The return of Damian Jones should help the bench too - he seems to have potential. Did you see Giannis last night? The guy's out of control...and predictable. You can tell he hasn't been playing as long as the rest of them. He's got so much size and talent thought that he's still better than anyone else on the team.
  3. Warriors - Bucks is going to be a show.
  4. That's why they stopped touring. They didn't stop because they couldn't play more complex songs live - that's an excuse.
  5. Two of them do. The rest, not so much.
  6. Speaking of Sgt Pepper from start to finish, check this out: [video=youtube;C4rluR_AhII]
  7. I wouldn't go to the Forum because that's where the Lakers play.
  8. The first goal should be to make noise that people can hear. A lot of sound systems are junk or the venue is junk. So much of the time I hear the bass drowning out everything else. Mixers are big on bass these days, it seems.
  9. Don't worry. Your audience is on their phones, talking with friends, watching TV at the bar. Real music people are few and far between, depending on the genre and venue.
  10. My friend had a 125 like that. We shared bikes at a motocross race once. Over one of the jumps the exhaust fell off so I quit. To tell the truth, I liked riding the 125 better. Someone here had a Maico 490 or something. The Beast.
  11. I once had an older CR250R, at least I think that's what it was designated. They also called it the Elsinore, Elsinore 250. Like below.
  12. Okay, I'll play. I don't regret selling any music gear. But I do regret selling a 1972 BMW R100RS motorcycle. It was a rare configuration and I sold it for less than it was worth because I myself got a good deal on it - and I was selling it to a real gear head who loved it. Problem is, he converted it to some Mad Max sidecar bull**************** thing. When he sent me photos I about threw up. 15 years later I still want to tell him he's an idiot. He lives in Chico. If you see him tell him he screwed up history. There was an old SG I sold. I wish I still had that one. Probably pre-1970. All this stuff is replacable IMO. Good people aren't though. I can't believe you got a 1099 for some damned guitar. Geez. Winning sucks, I guess.
  13. Marie. She got away. Everything else is insignificant. Nice thread though.
  14. I've taken opiods for short-term pain. I didn't think about it at the time. This was before the current crisis. Opiods have an important place in medicine. It's the way they are over-prescribed that is the problem. The doctors are the problem. And the pharmaceuticals who continue to supply outrageous amounts of them to the same doctors over and over. It was/is like a conspiracy to get people hooked.
  15. It says something about people's pain when they will use something like fentanyl. It seems a lot of addictions started with an injury - prescribed medication. They move to street drugs when the doctor cuts them off. It's crazy.
  16. I wish someone would lock me in there for a year so I could poke around, try things out, listen and learn. And if I could be any musician who better than Prince? IMO, there is no greater time than when new stuff spews out of the brain - the creative process. Prince was like the Niagara of Minnesota - a constant flow of juice (no, not that kind:facepalm:). Saw him once, fortunately.
  17. I've had this idea for some years, vis a vis, cables. Why does no one produce cables with a short section that is coiled? You don't need the whole cable coiled, just a foot or two - to act as a safety buffer. I don't like straight cables. One wrong move and it's YANK. Same for guitar cables. I guess it might add to the cost of production but how much? Not much.
  18. Thanks. That's a great story. I have a Tele Modern Player that has a pine body. I used to scoff at cheap woods for guitars, but my pine is alive in sound - pretty light too. So with this new perspective I'm juiced to try my cedar. Now I'm wondering if I should call the logger and tell him I want to keep more of it. Sure wish I had a mill. I already have a backhoe to move the logs around. Owls rock. Your work does too.
  19. Interesting. I put an add on Craigslist for someone to remove it for me, no money exchanged. If I had a mill I'd keep it for my own purposes. The tree cutter is going to cut it up for a fence. He says he already has a POC fence and it stays straight as an arrow. It's the most valuable wood grown in Oregon. Maybe I'll save 6' of it, paint the ends, put it in the shade and cover it up for a year. Unfortunately though, this tree had branches from top to bottom so there will be knots. The most valuable trees are old growth that have no branches on the lower trunk. I already knew about soundboards. It's also used for arrows and the Japanese love it for their religious temple details. It used to be highly sought after for ship building - hulls. It grows in a limited region primarily on Oregon's coast. The native population was hit hard by phytopthera a couple decades ago. Oregon State University has isolated trees with resistance though and has been growing them for replanting.
  20. We just lost a 3-foot diameter Port Orford cedar in our yard. It's a unique and rare wood - and it smells soooo good. They are milling me some blanks. Anyone have experience with this wood? Any suggestions? Like, orientation of the grain during cutting?
  21. Yep, as I thought. Those tunes would fly as far as a turtle if he weren't Sir Paul. I'll bet he has fun though. More than me. Thanks for the memories, Paul.
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