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  1. So, the guy with the mic gets to pay more child support. Nice.
  2. Ouch. That's like a personal attack nowadays. I'm all Blu Ray, baby. Relax, I'm not really considering it a personal attack. It's just that things are so touchy around here these days. Soon we'll be eating each other over alleged personal attacks and imagined ad homs. On native/blues, watch Ken Burns' The Blues, or whatever it was called.
  3. I've been bingeing on The Walking Dead. After five seasons I had to take a rest. It was making me depressed and agitated. Now I want a samurai sword, just in case.
  4. I've recently binged on The Walking Dead. After five seasons I had to take a rest. It was making me depressed and agitated. Edit: It didn't post, now it did. WHY CAN'T WE DELETE POSTS?
  5. You should be banished to Bakersfield for saying that. Frankly though, I have no idea what goes on in Bakersfield these days. Probably not much.
  6. You're working too hard...policing insignificant postings. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  7. Or thought you understood but actually didn't. What I always remember learning is how native American music influenced early blues music. When you compare recordings it's obvious.
  8. I'd suggest that is a product of age. The older I get the less my ears can take wicked guitar sounds. What are you, 82? Most people here are almost dead.πŸ˜‰
  9. I'm recording it. I record everything but live sports and Stephanie Rhule😜. I wouldn't mind being Ken Burns.
  10. Stevie Ray wouldn't use a modeler. Neither would Brian Setzer. Or many others. I view modelers as production, not art. But I'm of the opinion that it's a hard task to find the right tube amp. Once you do though, the glory. For your use, a modeler may indeed be the ticket.
  11. I have a Boss DR-3 but, like countless other boxes, I've never used it. I've got so much useless-to-me crap laying around that I want to throw up.
  12. You're showing your age. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  13. That's like what I do to warm up - chromatic scale - first position up and down the strings, second position up and down the strings, third position..., etc., all the way up and down the neck.
  14. Same thing I've been doing for the last thirty years: originals. Covers boar the crap out of me. So does theory. I find I'm playing less and less these days, spending too much time on the internet.
  15. I've been to Rockaway Beach, Oregon... ...and England. Great job on the guitar. I have a Tele with a SD '59, the full humbucker. It's on a pine body with no pots. Signal goes straight to the amp, and it sounds amazing. May add a SD Antiquities Strat neck too. I already sanded down the body so it's comfy like a Strat.
  16. There are no adults here. There are seniors here though.
  17. Well put. At the end of the video Ozzy is enjoying the show as much as anyone.
  18. Keyboard bass. I love those things. She came from Planet Claire...
  19. I think a lot of us developed that same disdain. All except for one...or two of us. One of them is named Sarducci.
  20. Gawd, I used to hate that song. Pretty much the only BB song I didn't like...that I heard. There was a great BB documentary on AXSTV lately, FYI.
  21. When I was in high school that was a go-to band for impressing the girls. Boz Scaggs was another one. West coast anyway.
  22. Hey, Bill Champlin's on the list. I like me some Sons.
  23. Let's see... You're for yacht rock and you're against Ozzy. What does that tell us? Hmmm...
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