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  1. Bridge compensation doesn't make up the difference. There isn't enough adjustment for that.
  2. I put a Warmoth neck on a Telecaster. The neck is a Gibson scale length conversion neck - so it measures 12 1/4 inches from nut to 12th fret. The measurement from 12th fret to bridge is 12 5/8 inches. Normally, guitars are made so that both measurements are equal. Why? This guitar intonates perfectly with this neck. I always thought intonation was the reason for the two measurements to be the same. Am I missing something here?
  3. This should make you feel better, Issac(🤣). Well, maybe not. I suppose you've heard of Victor Wooten. Yeah, I'm sure. Lots of great ones nowadays. When I was young Stanley Clarke was who I looked up to.
  4. This thread has me worried. Mikeo nailed it, though. Two amps sounds better than one, with a switcher. Hell, run ten.
  5. So many old threads. Nowadays this is a good option, though you have to teach it by strumming a few chords. Automatically gives you drums and bass.
  6. I quit because my girlfriend moved in. Then we got married. Then we had kids. Big mistake (not the kids).
  7. That's what I would think. I know 5 is freaking loud. IMO, headphones are the only way to be a good neighbor when you're in an apartment - especially older apartments that have no insulation. If you can hear it, they can hear it.
  8. Hoot Owl

    A New Score!!

    That hurts. I went online to buy another Eminence Reignmaker and found out they discontinued them (probably last year - they were available not long ago). Pissed. I already have one and love it because there's a knob on the back to reduce the sensitivity, thereby making them excellent for keeping the volume down. Sounds really good too. Needed one more. Anyone have one to part with? 16 ohms, 12-inch.
  9. Hoot Owl

    Complete my rig

    Speakers. 🤣
  10. Do they work? How well do they work? Are they worth buying, at $100 each? Recoil - Primacoustic
  11. I don't care how much people rave about Dumbles. They aren't worth the money unless you think it'll go up in value more than equities. There's a company in Colorado that makes an amp intended to fill the Dumble void. Can't remember the name right now. They have one tube amp that puts out something like 120 watts.
  12. Another OD worth mentioning for a short list (according to my ears) is the JHS Andy Timmons. I think he uses a BB pre in front of it. Stacking OD's is a thing.
  13. I can't believe this thread is 12-years old. Is this forum dying? Anyway, speaking of germanium fuzz, Benson has a new one out that has a thermostat-controlled heater to keep the diode at the optimum temperature - temp being germanium's Achilles heal. There are others that use a bias control so you can adjust to room temperature, not that they work perfectly. The Benson one is currently the bomb. Tip, having just researched fuzzes: Check out the raunchy tones from Fjord. King Tone makes another good one. Among others, of course.
  14. After having tried about a dozen OD's I've settled on the Wampler Euphoria. I'm very happy. It's supposedly modeled on a Dumble.
  15. You do realize that when you get a refund the one giving you the refund is simply giving your money back to you, and you could have been earning interest on that money, no? Better still, you could have bought bitcoins at the bottom and made a lot of money. Bitcoin Return Calculator - Investment on Any Date (and Inflation) - DQYDJ
  16. I already found that. SOLD. I couldn't find one so I ordered a Neunaber Immerse II.
  17. This is for the II model, not the regular Topanga. II was a special edition, now out of production.
  18. Do you know what that would be worth now if it were invested in bitcoins? It would be worth hundreds of pedals.
  19. Ace Frehley? 🤣 Must be the makeup. At least Slash can play guitar vertically.
  20. So, the guy with the mic gets to pay more child support. Nice.
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