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  1. I pick up my guitar several times a day (usually) and just pick. Mostly country or blues riffs but occasionally I'll pull out something old I've learned over the years (many). As for new, I've been trying to put together a Christmas CD (instrumental) for some time. Classics like Jingle Bell Rock, I'll Be Home for Christmas, etc. and some newer stuff (sort of) like When Christmas Comes to Town (from Polar Express) which is one of my daughter's favorite Christmas songs. I've got a few in some kind of decent shape but continuously keep working on things like the guitar riffs in Jingle Bell Rock. It might be next Christmas before I can make copies for my family and friends. I miss playing live with other players but not enough to seek an outlet for that. I did it for a lot of years and kind of got my fill if you know what I mean.
  2. I’m a huge tele fan and I approve. I had a little ‘59 at the bridge of a strat that was my main guitar for a while in the classic rock cover band I played in years ago. It’s a great sounding and versatile pu.
  3. Darn good reason to reactivate my Sirius subscription. Or not....
  4. And it's a darn good thing for me....lol.
  5. I saw him years ago opening for George Carlin. He was accompanied by a trombone and an upright bass and it was very good. RIP Leon.
  6. I have the original telecaster that I bought used back in 1968 and it’s the only guitar I could ever want. It sits on a stand next to my chair in the family room and gets played almost every day.
  7. Well, I'm a telecaster guy now but in the past a couple got away for me and they were both Les Pauls. Back in my playing days I had a cherry burst Les Paul standard with Seymour Duncan pus and itjust sounded fantastic and played nicely. I traded it and some $$$ for my thinline tele. The other was a nice goldtop that my wife's sister's boyfriend was selling for $800 which was mint. I passed on it and my bandmate bought it instead. He traded it to his brother for a '68 Stratocaster. My wife reminds me every once in a while about that goldtop I should've bought. It's the only guitar she has ever shown interest in.
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