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  1. Long skinny ones. I probably haven’t changed strings on any of my guitars 🎸 in years.
  2. The very first electric guitar I ever played was a Harmony, back in the 60s. I borrowed from a girl who played in a band with my best friend, who was the drummer. I gave it back after a while because my mom wouldn't fork out the $25 the girl wanted for it. My first acoustic was a nylon string that I bought at Woolworths not long after that. I think it was $20 new.
  3. I know folks diss Coldplay a lot but they have some great sounding recordings. Give a listen to Rush of Blood to the Head and you'll see what I mean.
  4. I pick up my guitar several times a day (usually) and just pick. Mostly country or blues riffs but occasionally I'll pull out something old I've learned over the years (many). As for new, I've been trying to put together a Christmas CD (instrumental) for some time. Classics like Jingle Bell Rock, I'll Be Home for Christmas, etc. and some newer stuff (sort of) like When Christmas Comes to Town (from Polar Express) which is one of my daughter's favorite Christmas songs. I've got a few in some kind of decent shape but continuously keep working on things like the guitar riffs in Jingle Bell Rock. It might be next Christmas before I can make copies for my family and friends. I miss playing live with other players but not enough to seek an outlet for that. I did it for a lot of years and kind of got my fill if you know what I mean.
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