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  1. for a guy who knows very little about electrics I am quite impressed. more: chung cư sun láng hạ There are only a few mentions of this brand on this forum so I figure it isn't well known. I bought a Patriot model which I believe is a Les Paul style guitar. It has a beautiful quilted maple top that starts out dark blue at the lower bought of the guitar and lightens as it moves forward toward the neck and eventually turns to tan. It looks like the ocean and beach. The quilting makes it look like the waves. There is also a line of abalone. The two humbucking pickups also have the switch that allows them to be used as single coils. The overall finish of the frets are smooth and amazing. I hadn't been shopping for long since I have been looking for my first electric. I wasn't very impressed with what I was finding in this price range. I figured I have seen enough so I was ready to jump on this when I saw it. more: chung cu sun quang an Bullfrog Music in Corvallis, Oregon is a nice small shop with a nice collection of new and used instruments. He carries things that area music stores don't have. I wonder if anybody here has had experience with this brand? I bought it because my Church has seen a couple of electric players move. We need help in that area so I thought this would be a good choice. I will be needing to find a good amp. I will need the ability to switch quickly from clean tones to crunch and overdriven sounds, reverb and chorus, etc. I believe there are a few ways to achieve what I want to do. Any help would be great. more: chung cư sun láng hạ
  2. I've found a few threads like this online, but I haven't really found any definitive answers, and have read conflicting opinions from different people. I'm 17 and have been playing bass for ~10 months. With Christmas coming up I've decided that I have grown to the point where I am just not getting as fulfilled with playing on my cheap equipment as I once was. I am going to ask for an upgrade as a Christmas present. Anyways my family isn't the most well off, and only ever playing and teaching myself, I can't really say I'm seriously pursuing the bass as anything more than a hobby. At first I played just guitar, then I bought my friend's old squier p-bass for $20 and fell in love with playing more then I ever did playing guitar. The thing is beat to hell, missing its knobs, and has rust on the pickups. Less then ideal, but it gets the job done. On top of this I have been playing on a 10 watt practice amp I got on sale (A Rogue G10 to be exact) which again isn't great but works. While i'm far from a perfect bassist, I feel like I have finally gotten to the point where I have outgrown my equipment. Should I upgrade my amp or my bass first? Ideally I would upgrade both, but I just don't know if that's really in the cards for jobless me right now. I am also looking for equipment recommendations in the $150-100 range. Thanks!
  3. hi folks wondering what to do here. my 9 yr old son has been playing bass for two years now. he's got an ibanez Mikro short scale; he's maybe outgrowing it although he says it's still comfortable. more: mỹ đình plaza 2 i guess the logical thing would be to wait until it's not comfortable. on the other hand, if we're going to be upgrading at some point in the nearish future anyway i want to at least start looking. i'm assuming full scale is next. i don't have a budget in mind really. less is always better, but i don't mind making an investment in his musical future and if there's something that will likely be a keeper i can probably justify getting it as long as we're not talking thousands. but......i know he is hoping to someday get an upright. not sure where that should fit into the picture. it's been recommended we switch up to cello next but not sure why really. frankly, i'd love to surround this kid with instruments - he will play anything he sees. any suggestions about what should come next? and how to know when it's time for something new? more: eco dream nguyễn xiển thanks!
  4. After watching a few bassists in an instrument shop drool over some shiny new Spectors and Warwicks recently, I started wondering why we bassists aren't addicted to "vintage" instruments the way that our guitarist brethren are. I mean, most of us have some love for those old Fenders (stack-knob Jazz, anyone?), but few bassists seem to have the vintage instrument "bug" to the degree that a huge number of guitarists do. We do not lust after fifty year-old relics that look like they have been dragged down a gravel road for miles, whereas we all know plenty of guitarists who would sell their firstborn child for such an instrument. Many of us love our active pickups, active electronics, and on-board preamps, while a lot of guitarists seem to think that state-of-the-art 1950's tech is the only way to go. Why is this so? Is it because the modern versions of the old basses aren't much different from their vintage counterparts? Or are we just more willing to embrace new technologies? Is it the booze? Or is it something else? Your thoughts on this matter, please. And by all means, keep it civil. more: chung cư eco dream, chung cu my dinh plaza 2, eco dream city
  5. Does anyone recognize this set of color codes for bass string ball ends? more: chung cư 44 triều khúc Low E string - metallic color like brass or steel A string - red D string - another metallic color like brass or steel G string - green I was watching a video of my favorite bass player, and noticed he was using these strings. I searched the forum and internet, but couldn't find a color code, size type translation table. Thanks. Tags: xuân mai complex, eco dream
  6. Hello everyone, My last semester at university is coming to an end soon, and I want to get back to practicing my bass. I used to be quite proficient, but I've gotten rusty since most of my time goes to my studies. more: dự án sun group láng hạ I'm looking for suggestions for metal bands with great bassists, particularly ones who use a lot of slap/pop, to practice to. Just so there isn't any redundancy, the ones I already know of are: -Mudvayne -Havok -TesseracT -Battlecross any suggestions besides the ones above are welcome, though ones that use slap/pop are preferred (so please don't recommend Dream Theater or BTBAM) more: gia xe fortuner 2017, xe tai 2 tan tera, gia xe altis 2017
  7. I sold my other gear BEFORE I bought the new unit, at 65 I must be growing up. Sold stuff to buy a Waterloo 14 fretter. I knew I wanted the smaller V neck option, truss rod and drop in saddle rather than the earlier cut saddle just for ease of lowering the action if necessary. I've been looking around at current stock on line and a WL-14LTR (ladder braced, truss rod) w/ the smaller V neck is a rare bird. Artisan in Tenn is kinda close to me and has a great selection of Waterloos so I spoke w/ them first, got Eric on the phone and he was very helpful. I asked him to play the five WL-14s he had, he said sure and would call me back. Eric said all the Waterloos were extremely consistent in sound but the ladder braced WL-14 was he's fav that day, and it had all the other right specs for me. I have a WL-12 which is X braced so getting the ladder braced Waterloo is pretty cool. So, next week! Tags: xe tai dongben, giá xe fortuner 2017, giá xe attrage 2017
  8. I have 4 guitars, 3 of them were set up with low action by the same luthier. The Martin alone was not set up, and the action is higher. It was harder to make barre chords on initially, but I can make them now. I use 13's on it, I'm accustomed to the higher action, and I love the way it sounds. Since I got the Martin, I've not enjoyed playing the others. They just don't satisfy in terms of sound. My son, a guitar player of 30 years, was just here over the holiday. He thinks the action is too low on the three with the set-ups, especially the Breedlove and Washburn, that it has cost them in terms of tone, and that if the action is raised they'll sound better. I'd like to try it. Question is this: I am pretty facile with hand tools and I love to tinker. What if I ordered new nuts and saddles and installed them myself? The one thing that gives me pause is cutting the nut slots, so I'd probably just order them precut from Stewmac or someplace. Do you all experienced people think this is something I could try myself? I mean it's not like I could permanently damage the guitars, right? Barring a gouge or scratch from tool slippage, whatever I did should be reversible if it doesn't work out. Or should I just not mess around and take them to a pro? Interested in your feedback. Tags: giá xe dongben x30, toyota fortuner 2017, hd700 dong vang
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