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    I am a retired Electrical Contractor . Just recently got back into music after more than 25 years !

    Started playing at about 14 / 15 years of age.


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    Ottawa Valley .


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    Music , Amp repairs.Telephones!


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    Retired . (Electrician)

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  1. Is there any inexpensive product on the market that may be used with a P A to enhance vocal performance ? Inexpensive ...not cheap !
  2. I am trying to use the line out on my Peavey PA amp. When I feed it into a bass amp to use as a monitor ... all I get is a loud hum .! What am I doing wrong ?
  3. I can , and have connected to speakers, without the effects processor , and everything works great . I just bought the TC 300 , and that is what I am having doubts connecting into the system ! So I only need a diagram of how to connect it right , so I do not have any problems ! I know it is a dumb question , Just trying to be sure ! Al .
  4. Thanks Phil. I have a Samson MPL1502 mixer , an EV2205T amp. , and a TC 300 dual engine processor ! . I am O.K with Mics etc ! Speakers should be O.K (I don't have any yet) I just want to make sure I do not blow anything up ! This system will be for Vocals only !
  5. Can anyone supply a line drawing ... or a basic wiring / connection for a P A . Mixer .... Amp ....Processor ... Speakers ....Monitors . I used to rely on others to do this , but now I have to do it .I have checked out YouTube , and I get the basics , just need help ! Thanks in advance !
  6. I presently own 2 basses.Both are pretty cheap , but playable ! 1 regular 4 string , the other is a short scale . I use both, It all depends how I feel ! Just recently started playing again , after not playing for over 25 years. Career and life got in the way ! Now I am retired , and have time to jam !
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