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  1. Very often the key to getting tracks to sit well in the mix or be heard without over powering the other parts lies in the playing and not the tone, effects, gain, etc... Color your roots. It isn
  2. I never have had much luck with the tube models. I 've had a few over the years and I find myself always returning the solidstate driven boxes...then again I use tube amps. Could I be experiencing some kind of "tube overkill"?
  3. I love overdrive/distortion pedals! I have several models including units by Budda, SIB, Tech 21, Ibanez, HRE, Fultone, Voodoo Labs, and BOSS... They all have different applications for me. Some sound great with only certain guitar and amp combinations. If I HAD to pick one it would be my BOSS SD-1. It isn't the most tweakable, or the most detailed, but I can get a very respectable tone with it no matter what rig I am using, and it only set me back $39!
  4. Damn...you guys are good! I am looking forward to exploring all of these articles. Thanks! My machine is dedicated to audio production and editing. I have another set up for email, news groups, and itunes...I had no idea that you could get porn on the internet. Everything actually works very well. Over the past 3 years I've only had to do typical maintenance(additional hard drives, heftier power supply, etc...) There is a minimum amount of "bugginess" that seems to be typical of any computer that I have used, including brand new machines right out the box. My question stems from a train of thought that I found myself riding the other day when I was wondering if some one had developed a OS for PC's purely for audio production and editing. It occurred to me that there are probably audio "gurus" who have figured out the best way to configure XP for audio. Hence I found myself here. Thanks again, Lou www.yourguitarist.com
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions or web links on how to optimize Windows XP for audio production/recording? Lou www.yourguitarist.com
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