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  1. alright so bear with me this is the first ever acoustic-electric guitar i have ever owned. I'm use to electric guitar and last i owned was a 8 string electric so feels weird to me to be on 6 string again it's like coming outta rehab lmao was too addicted to 8's now back on the 6 and bringing a rocking mix. Epiphone PR-4E my link to see the video demonstration spoiler alert it sounds a lil distorted and i have no distortion pedal going https://youtu.be/MwLq2ieetV8
  2. well i got alot of things to work on man, get in shape, eating healthy, get that 9-string and Misa Digital Kitara. no worries I ain't going nowhere
  3. well then i guess we can try to make it busy again and yes i will stick around
  4. oh for sure i do live one day at a time and take a step at a time. i changed my friends and i won't surround myself around anybody who smokes marijuana. i choose to stay clean and sober and for being 3 years clean i worked hard for it
  5. Phil!!!! how you been Phil??? i just looked at the old thread oh my gosh i had no idea people were looking for me since i disappeared
  6. Skreddy I don't know if you can see this post but if your still here i want you to know i still have the Quad Lazer fuzz pedal you gave to me as a gift i never let it go. I'm gonna use that Quad Lazer pedal as my main distortion and I'm getting back on track. I hope you see this Skreddy
  7. is there anyone here who remembered me back then when any of you knew me as Razorblade Ray. are any of you guys still here maybe Skreddy?
  8. for 5 years i have been in deep meditation and i went into self-exile from the world, youtube and facebook. I battled my marijuana addiction and I am 3 years clean and sober now. for a long time i had to find myself again. back then my purpose was to mix techno with rock and metal elements but failed. use to be an 8 string guitar player on youtube but i let it go and i was foolish to let my schecter omen 8 string go i went into a deep depression for many years and marijuana abuse and now 3 years clean i realized I don't need it. I don't know if any of you would remember me but it's me. I use to say "what's up biznatches because we wear watches" it means what's up my fans. I got out of that paganism faith and found christianity. then i was 4 years clean off cigarettes and had a cigarette relapse and i {censored}ed up my singing voice and i was stupid to touch a pack of cigarettes again. so now at this moment i am a month clean off cigarettes and once again using my electronic cigarette to stay away from cigarettes and cigars. so now i gotta pull myself up back together again. get that 9-string and roland gaia synth. one more thing this hash pen that i did back then i overdosed on it because i did way too much of it and i puked badly and was puking blood and my warning is don't mess with dab pens or wax dabs whatever the heck they call it these days, i had to be in the hospital for doing too much dabs and was hallucinating badly no joke and this was a wake up call! it was so bad i didn't remember how i got back into my own bed in my own room. my stepdad had to carry me out of the car and put me in my own bed and i was asleep for 2 days straight. i will never ever touch anything that involves marijuana ever again I'm done chasing a stupid high that i was so selfish to live in my own la la land. we all make mistakes and were human and we can't help it. but it looks like my job is not finished yet! I need to get back on that guitar and start doing music again. so here i am https://youtu.be/yyW5i81jSeQ
  9. Thank you so much Phil O'Keefe I will keep that in mind, so the guys at keyboard forums were right it is a sawtooth wave just as they said it was. When I hear that sound when i play i do notice a hint of a phase.
  10. Well if your looking to recreate these sounds... the first video sounds like acoustic guitar sounds on keyboard of course I presume. I would have to say go with the recent Roland workstation that has good acoustic guitar sounds. second maybe get a Keyboard that has sampling capabilities which is what i would do, sorry I can't be much help there on identifying which keyboards they come from.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBU_bqjg5Zs&feature=youtu.be this sound is called a "Digital Rock Guitar" sound on Roland GR-20 guitar synth pedal controlled from a You Rock Guitar midi controller. I need advice on how to create this on a synthesizer maybe like on a Korg Microkorg S or Roland Gaia.
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