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  1. Just found this exact guitar in Dean Campbell's Facebook page. The body is a tight Limba. Some call it Korina. The neck pickup is a Lollar Charlie Christian and the bridge pickup is a Lollar Imperial. It is a light and incredibly balanced instrument. It just seems to follow where you lead it with ease.
  2. The Rivera is a killer amp. Not a ton of headroom but what it has is primo and the OD is to die for. Up until I heard the Klon, I would have been more than happy to just go with the amp for OD.
  3. If it's less than a gallon of gas away, we're family!
  4. I love the idea of locally grown. I feel I'm still supporting the "little" guys who are making wonderful products. I've wanted a Campbell since the first time I spoke to Dean a number of years ago. With the help of the local Music Go Round, it all fell together quite nicely.
  5. Along the way, Mr Cheapie has traded and waded his way to an all-american rig. (leastwise an all USA rig) My favorite acquisitions are all being made right here in Massachusetts, never mind just MIA. Campbell UK-1 is made in the Blackstone Valley which is a spit and a holler down the road. The Klon clone is made by Natick Electrical Apparatus which is also down the road apiece. The cable I'm using is being sold out of Barnstorm Music in Medway and I can practically walk there. Between the three, I could visit them all on a gallon of gas. The Campbell is one of the finest made instruments I've ever played. The Klon is the overdrive I've dreamed about and the Rivera Pubster 45 is simply the perfect amp for me. My collection is quite severely diminished but more than enough to get the job done.
  6. Thank you, kind sir. I drifted into a bit o easy listenin there.....
  7. The first one should work and I had to give permission to DL.. who knew? The track is called harmcent01.mp3
  8. Been a long long time. Who are you? Do you play a lot? Do you play a little? No matter. Have fun in a judgement free zone. Do as much (add vocals, orchestra, cannons) or as little (a quick 30 second piece) But mainly, enjoy and express y'self. Basically Bminor I believe this is downloadable now.
  9. Well, I gotta get some sleep. I got this burn on half my face and it's been uncomfortable getting any rest. Nanu nanu, y'all...
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