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  1. Bought one last night. Thanks for all the offers!
  2. hey man.. interested in the Legacy I? I've been thinking about trading it for something more aggressive sounding.
  3. Looking for an EQ pedal for around 50 bucks shipped. Cosmetic condition not important as long as it works. Hit me up if you have one.
  4. I'm considering trading my Legacy I for a different head. I love the amp but it's a bit too smooth for what I am currently playing. I will post some pics later, but the amp is in great shape and comes with the footswitch. Not sure what I want to trade it for and I am really not even sure if I want to trade it at all, but hit me up, you never know. Mostly looking for other high gain tube heads.
  5. Had one for a while...didn't really dig it. Don't regret selling it. +1
  6. I can't believe you are having such a hard time to move this amp, that's a great deal. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had the $
  7. The only real problem is how easy it was. No challenge at all. Oh well. the dude is a loose cannon... are you kidding me? All this over a loose jack? And Norton just told him he will refund him and he is still going? Definitely steer away from buying or selling anything to this guy. Crazy.
  8. OK, you insignificant speck of vomit, letting your mouth overload your ass is how you retort. I suggest that the you keep your hands off of yourself and then maybe, just maybe things will go right in your pitiful life and then you'll be able to form a thought that you can actually talk about. Calling me a "{censored}ing loser" I will put my life's achievements up against your crap any day. You can walk around and believe that your hot {censored} on a silver platter, but I'm telling you here and now that your nothing more than cold diarreha on a paper plate. hahaha I love the smell of a bitch melting down in the morning.
  9. I just saw this thread. I really wish you wouldve contacted me directly. Ive got hundreds of positive transactions on this board. I can assure you 100% that the guitar did not have a problem with the jack when I shipped the guitar out. I also feel very confident in my packaging. The guitar was shipped in its hardshell case with bubble surrounding the entire case. Since my store is closing , I have let all of my employees go and I have been handling all of shipping and packaging myself so I feel very confident in making those statements. Even though I am going out of business , if you are not happy with the guitar , I am more than happy to offer you a refund. I take a lot of pride in my sales transactions and few things hurt more than being called a scammer. Ive got thousands of posts and not a single bad trading or selling experience on this forum. If you contact me personally , I will be more than happy to refund your money on the guitar if you would like. well there you go Norton, you have nothing to worry about as I am sure that I and hundreds of other forumites who dealt with you in the past can readily testify that you are a stand up guy. ameede, you sound like a raging lunatic. Way to try to destroy someone's reputation before even contacting him and giving him a chance to rectify the situation, which he promptly did when he saw your crazy, mouth-foaming rants. Obviously, this is something that occurred during shipping and you are very quick to make a bunch of false accusations, without even sending the guy a PM first to try to work things out. Seriously, take your money back, take your {censored}ing meds and go away. I have added you to my DO NOT DEAL WITH based on your ridiculous display of mental and emotional instability. What a {censored}ing loser.
  10. Excellent, one more person who might get screwed 13 times will save 12 others from getting it sure as hell. I bought and sold gear to him in the past with zero issues, I am sorry you had a problem but to call him a scammer just because of ONE deal is too much. Norton has a long history of buying and selling gear here with no issues. Also, have you given him the chance to rectify the issue before you flame him online? The jack problem sucks, but it's an easy issue to fix, any tech would do it for you for like around $20-30.
  11. Definitely spend a bunch of time with it. Took me a little while to dial in my Titan perfectly but when I did How high were you guys setting the gain on the Cyclone? Depending on the volume I'm playing at I would set the gain anywhere from 7-9 on my Titan. I always thought it was sort of a dry gain but still with lots of gain (pinch harmonics for example were awesome). I was setting the gain around 5-6, I use EMGs so it already drives the amp input pretty hard.
  12. damn man... no $ at the moment, but if you keep it long enough I may buy it back. I really miss it!!! But spend some more time with it. I had the same "not for me" feeling when I first got it but once I had it dialed in, it kills!!! It's kinda hard to find the sweet spot on this amp at first, but trust me it's there. Damn, I wish I had some {censored} to trade!!!
  13. would you be interested in trading your SD distortion for a SD Alternative 8?
  14. well that did not last long Even though I am not using it much right now, it's an awesome rack. I really wish I could keep it. This is a must-sell, not a want to sell, unfortunately
  15. bump.... added a few extra goodies.
  16. V30's are by far the best option for the JCA, in my opinion, they were made for each other. Amp looks good. I'd personally have used a different type of grill, but it looks cool anyway
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