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  1. I have: Gibson 490T black EMG HA black Looking for a Duncan Custom 5, Pearly Gates, JB or '59b in black standard spacing.
  2. yeah that's a great amp for sure, Carvin really got everything right on this one.
  3. Black, uncovered, taken from a SG Special, good condition with plenty of lead left as it was only installed on by Gibson the guitar it came with, so the lead is still the Gibson standard size. This is a bridge pickup by the way, with the standard Gibson string spacing. Asking $45 shipped.
  4. bump!! For the love of god, I know the economy is bad but wait a minute great pickup at a great price and no bites in over a month??? Someone please buy this.
  5. Originally Posted by jragan Can you give some info on what the Hasserl mods do for the tone of the amp? Thanks... Rich (Hasserl) is a good friend of mine. He's a killer player and amp tech. His mod for the Bel Air increases the gain, changes the mid frequency and removes the "blanket" off the speaker that the stock Bel Air seem to have. I've played Rich's personal Bel Air many times, it is a killer sounding amp, night and day from the stock Bel Air.
  6. Have: EMG HA (black, quick connect) and Gibson 490T (black, uncovered). Want: black Dimarzio neck pickup ( Breed, Liquifire, Dominion, Evolution or Humbucker From Hell)
  7. Please don't take offense, but these amps come up here often for about $450 in perfect condition. You might want to do a little research if you are serious about selling them. Again, no offense please, I will delete this if you want me to, just trying to help.
  8. bump for a great seller and good guy. I bought his Randall last night and it was a great deal.
  9. Originally Posted by ej Billy, y u no like the HA?! I like it a lot actually, but I already have a HSS strat with a single coil in the neck, so I put the 85 back in the neck position of my Hamer, to have a neck humbucker tone on that guitar.
  10. this is an EMG SA single coil in a humbucker housing. Great single coil and fits into your humbucker slot. Pickup is in great condition. Black, modern EMG logo and comes with quick connect cable but no pots or jack. Asking $45 shipped.
  11. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers/crate no, but one can dream.
  12. black, old style logo BUT with quick connect terminals. It also comes with the quick connect wire, but no pots or jack. $55 shipped/paypal gift (check my references)
  13. It will tighten up the low end and reduce the noise, if that's an issue. But it's a subtle difference.
  14. wait so this is not a maple cap??? how did you find this out? I was told by a ibanez tech via email that they do have a maple cap and it what appears to be binding around the body,thats is supposed to be the maple cap? these go for almost 1K new and no real maple top?thats a bit hard to believe since the RG 3120tw and the red version had a real top and they cost $900 new then It is a real maple cap, but a plain maple cap with the quilt/flame veneer on top for cosmetic purposes only. They use the cheaper plain maple for the bulk of the cap and add the flame veneer on top. Tonally, there is no loss, as plain and quilted maple sound the same.
  15. unit comes professionally wrapped in awesome lime green bubble wrap. Don't miss out on it.
  16. This used to be my amp. It's a KILLER sounding head. Somebody should get this ASAP.
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