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  1. Hi all, Maybe a silly question... is it necessary to change how you label progressions depending on whether the song is major or minor? IE could I label Amin Dmin Emin Fmaj as a 6 2 3 4 progression as opposed to 1 5 6 7? I'm trying to memorize what progressions sound like and I feel like it would be easier to label minor and major progressions identically.
  2. Hey thanks a lot for your reply! I'm still a little confused though... I thought in order to act as secondary dominant a chord needs to be a 7th? Also what do you mean "allowed as a V to VI?
  3. Hi all, Puzzled by this.... Can anyone point me in the right direction? Verse: Dminor F G Chorus: Bflat Dminor F What is going on with the G major in the verse? The song looks like the key of F so I'd expect Gminor... Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi all, I am very new to all this, and I am so glad I found this forum! Anyway, today I attempted to learn Adele's Remedy (Available on Spotify now) by ear, and when I checked my work against an existing tab I ran into a couple issues. My attempt: Intro: G D A Chorus: D A G Bm Key: D major Right Answer: Intro: Em D A Chorus: D A Em G Bm Key: (they say Eminor, but I think it should still be Dmajor) After listening to the song again, I am pretty sure I was wrong and their chords are right, but in either situation I think that the song is in the key of D major, since no A major chords would usually exist in Em? Also I feel like i can hear the song resolve to D. My final concern is that playing a G instead of Em sounds ok, but it is obvious that Em is the correct choice. Any Idea why this is/how can I avoid making the same mistake in the future?
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