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  1. In a world of youtube singers, X Factor, the Voice, and intense competition, it can really take its toll on our mental health. We often judge ourselves too harshly and feel intimidated by others (who probably feel just as intimidated by us!) How can we create a culture of support and love for our fellow singers? Here is a lovely article continuing this discussion: https://singsician.com/singing-culture-judgement/
  2. You may wish to consider muscle tension around your larynx, particularly your SCM muscles down each side of your neck. This article explains well: https://singsician.com/3-things-i-learned-about-the-voice-that-changed-my-singing/
  3. So, we are in the final stages of testing our new 'Singsician' website. Would you be willing to do a 5 min survey to help us create the best content for singers just like you? Thank you so much! https://singsician.typeform.com/to/q41E1Z?source=fl
  4. It's an inspiring and (easy?!) way for a solo artist to do their own gigs and sound phat!
  5. L.A vocal coach Lis Lewis plays a massive role in the lives of major recording artists such as Courtney Love, Miguel and Gwen Stefani. In this wide ranging interview, she explains what keeps a band together, and what keeps a singer sane.
  6. Did you know that http://www.voicecouncil.com run a monthly segment called 'Vocal Coach in Residence' where they feature internationally renowned educators and performers! They give feedback to fan submission videos and write about all sorts of stuff, from technique to career advice. You can even sign up to the weekly newsletter specifically for this feature!
  7. Interesting gal Jesca Hoops spoke to Voice Council Magazine about her unique way of songwriting. Anyone else do this? I'm gonna start!
  8. http://loopinglive.com/how-to-know-your-looping-sound-reuben-stone http://www.loopinglive.com/live-audio-sound-tricks-mr-woodnote/
  9. Here are a series of great articles from Nashville producer, Fred Mollin. He really knows how to tell a great story and seems to really know what he is talking about: http://www.thevintagemusician.com/working-with-people-101-a-top-producers-insights-fred-mollin/ http://www.thevintagemusician.com/the-long-studio-days-are-over-fred-mollin/ http://www.thevintagemusician.com/how-to-make-your-vocalist-feel-safe-a-top-producers-advice-fred-mollin/ http://www.thevintagemusician.com/quickest-studio-session-willie-nelson-fred-mollin/ http://www.thevintagemusician.com/laughter-made-kris-kristoffersons-record-magical-fred-mollin/
  10. I'm amazed nobody has mentioned the Estill Voice Model. It is the only body of work pertaining to the voice that is 100% unbiased and grounded in up to date research. Every other 'method' is a sales pitch and to be viewed with suspicion.
  11. You need to close your velum port to stop air coming out the nose. A hard 'Nggg-Geee' will help identify this area. Practice scales 'Hung-gee, hung-ah, hung-oo' etc to strengthen the soft palate.
  12. Singing ain't a competition - but if you wanna hit the high notes, you gotta put your body into it. Make sure you feel really rooted like a tree, like nobody could push you over. Also make sure you are not increasing air pressure. When people talk about abdominal control etc.they mean don't push the belly in. You gotta keep the abdominal wall relaxed or strong and outward - like your trying to look pregnant. Holding in your belly will increase air pressure causing the register flip.
  13. Check out Melissa Cross's Zen of Screaming. Or this? http://www.voicecouncil.com/extreme-singing-iii-distortion/ Good luck to ya buddy!
  14. I'm not sure who has told you what in the past. I would say you are quite nasal and could do with activating your soft palate. Sing scales of your choice using the phrase "hung-Gee, hung-Gah, hung-Goo" Your tone sounds in good shape. It you worry about too much air, practice sirening through your range daily. Here is a great article which explains how to access your higher range: http://www.voicecouncil.com/5-ways-to-master-your-high-notes/ Good luck!
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