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  1. Back in the day, the cool chicks dug groovy cats with cassette decks. If you wanted to populate the back of the Vista Cruiser -- you needed one of these. It did me no good. The cool chicks still didn't like my Willie. 😎
  2. Remember the 'missing link'? Warp 2.0
  3. Congrat's! Classic looks, Martin sound, and plays great? The trifecta of acoustics. Enjoy!
  4. Mainline: '19 Gnome Blues Custom (EIR/T13? redwood), '05 Larrivée 0M-03 Custom (bear claw/hog), '13 Kronbauer TDK 285 MJ Custom (koa), '08 Seagull Artist Studio Burst (EIR '94 Froggy Bottom Custom (koa) dread', '97 Fender Tele "1962 reissue Custom" -- often called the '94 Anniversary "Saudi" (:idk:) & Marshall Origin5 tube amp., '79 Epi Genesis

    Back rows: 1905 Vega parlor (hog), '78 S. Yairi 726 (hog), 60's Stella Harmony (plywood), '84 K Yairi AR377

  5. Exceptionally sweet! Congrat's on the score -- both the guitar & the lady. Mine called Klipsch La Scallas, "The little speakers." & I fell in love all over again. 😎
  6. Just me? If I couldn't find a better playing guitar (for $5K) than an entry level lam' Yamaha, I'm not sure I would have the humility to admit it -- on a guitar forum anyways. I have a lot of fond memories, & respect for Yamaha, but ... by I played a 331, for a year, while CFM/Gibson/Guild sulked in their cases. While it was no hardship -- it wasn't a boutique quality build or sound imo. Old shoulders & a disc issue made dread's painful. I replaced the dread's with OM, O, OO, OOO, thin-lines & MJs. I then passed on the 331 as it was just too good a little guitar to sit fallow. Imo it did not rival a $5K instrument. That old $100 'Scroe!' L series did -- but apples & oranges. In support: Perhaps you could share pic's (or name names) of any $5k guitars that don't stack up to an entry level Yamaha -- so others won't make the same mistake. Jmo -- I'm no expert.
  7. Imo it's an Ashbury. Gremlin Musical Instruments might have info on the model (disco'd?) I think they're said to be handcrafted in UK 'exclusively'. EDIT: It's a Getty image -- borrowed & cropped.
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