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  1. This forum has an 'old guard' that make it a miserable place. Had some surgery coming up and had to lay off the guitar for a bit. Killed some time here -- long enough to see that if they're not bitching there's no new blood, they're bitching about newbies posting. If this forum were a dog, it would need to be put down. 

  2. Imo, there's much conflicting information on Alvarez, Alvarez-Yairi, K. Yairi, and S. Yairi. Even on Wiki. There may well be an Alvarez Chosen One with unmatched wisdom & divine truth, but I try to research as many opinions as possible & form my own opinion. Jmo -- I'm no expert. AMF
  3. I have medical restrictions limiting me to one hour travel per 24 hours. I see a cool guitar, and I go outlaw.
  4. I'm amused at how many times a forum's old guard will crap on a newbie for commenting on an old thread. & I'm amused at how many times a forum's old guard will crap on a newbie for starting a thread without searching to see if it's been dealt with before. (Even if the old threads are titled "WTF!!!") & I'm amused at how many times newbies are crapped on for too many tags, or not enough tags. I've concluded newbies are often amusing.
  5. Hi taoron, and welcome. The Emperor date code page might be helpful. Alvarez are Yairi guitars for import by St. Louis Music Co.. https://yairiluvr.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/emperor-dating-code/ I'm not familiar with the model's suffix, but the A is Artist, D is for dreadnought, 60 might be trim level, C could be cutaway, S could be slope shoulder, and B could be burst. If nobody pipes up, you could try Alvarez customer service. With the serial # they might have the date, and they should at least be able to decipher the code. https://www.alvarezguitars.com/contact/ I think
  6. Hey Mr. Surly, and welcome. Yamaha dating can be pretty hit and miss. I think you're likely looking at an eighties date, but the link might help zero in. It's the best date of manufacture resource I know of. There used to be a "Guitarchive" where you just populated a field, and it spit out a date, etc., -- but it, and other info were sometimes wrong. I miss it tho. Not all Yamaha guitars can be dated even to a year. They reuse most serial numbers every ten years, and sometimes the all important letter is missing. http://mycoolguitars.com/mij/yamaha-guitars/yamaha-guitar-serial-numbe
  7. Hey Troubador, and welcome to the forum. I have a Seagull Artist Studio Burst, and it's a really lovely guitar - to look at & play. I went casually looking for a Studio Artist, the OM size, and ended up with a 2008. I was surprised it's a full dread'. Now I've always been a dread' man, but as I inch grudgingly towards being a dead man, I'm a big OM fan. I have a selection of smaller sizes, and the Seagull was such a deal (price of a case & came with a like-new Tric) I couldn't resist. Detail/build quality, play ability, and tone are all totl imo. I had an EIR & a mahoga
  8. IIRC*: It will be all solid wood, handmade in Canada -- guessing mid to late seventies. I think the Norman factory burned down in 1980, was rebuilt, but Normand lost control to bean-counters in 1986, quality suffered in a quest for cheaper production, and Godin bought the name/factory in 1988/89. The B30 had/has been dropped from the line up. The founder of Norman (Normand Boucher) has a son (Claude) building some serious acoustics. Spendy, but a top quality guitar imo. Robert Godin worked (distribution) with Normand after meeting on a hunting trip around 1970. The first Norman was built
  9. Back in the day, the cool chicks dug groovy cats with cassette decks. If you wanted to populate the back of the Vista Cruiser -- you needed one of these. It did me no good. The cool chicks still didn't like my Willie. 😎
  10. Remember the 'missing link'? Warp 2.0
  11. Congrat's! Classic looks, Martin sound, and plays great? The trifecta of acoustics. Enjoy!
  12. Mainline: '19 Gnome Blues Custom (EIR/T13? redwood), '05 Larrivée 0M-03 Custom (bear claw/hog), '13 Kronbauer TDK 285 MJ Custom (koa), '08 Seagull Artist Studio Burst (EIR '94 Froggy Bottom Custom (koa) dread', '97 Fender Tele "1962 reissue Custom" -- often called the '94 Anniversary "Saudi" (:idk:) & Marshall Origin5 tube amp., '79 Epi Genesis

    Back rows: 1905 Vega parlor (hog), '78 S. Yairi 726 (hog), 60's Stella Harmony (plywood), '84 K Yairi AR377

  13. Exceptionally sweet! Congrat's on the score -- both the guitar & the lady. Mine called Klipsch La Scallas, "The little speakers." & I fell in love all over again. 😎
  14. Just me? If I couldn't find a better playing guitar (for $5K) than an entry level lam' Yamaha, I'm not sure I would have the humility to admit it -- on a guitar forum anyways. I have a lot of fond memories, & respect for Yamaha, but ... by I played a 331, for a year, while CFM/Gibson/Guild sulked in their cases. While it was no hardship -- it wasn't a boutique quality build or sound imo. Old shoulders & a disc issue made dread's painful. I replaced the dread's with OM, O, OO, OOO, thin-lines & MJs. I then passed on the 331 as it was just too good a lit
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