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  1. daddymack, I've heard conflicting opinions on whether or not to spend the extra dough on more features. More features cost extra $$$ and can make things more complicated but I've also heard that those features can be worth spending the extra cash. I don't know what features I really want, or if I even want to spend a little extra money to make things more complicated...then again, it sounds like I answered my own question. More research will hopefully convince me if any features are worth it. Thanks.
  2. I'm looking to get my first looper pedal but I'm having trouble deciding from a few options. My budget is $150 but if you can convince me, I would consider going up to $200. I mention this because you probably know about a great looper I've never heard of that might be slightly out of my budget. Currently I'm looking at the Boss RC-1, Boss RC-3, TC Electronic Ditto, TC Electronic Ditto X2, and the TC Electronic Ditto+. I don't know much about looper pedals so I'm struggling to differentiate between the TC Electronic pedals. If it fits my budget I'd like the ability to add multiple loops (layers?) together. The Boss and TC Electronic loopers seem to be some of the most common and popular but I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks.
  3. When it comes to musical instruments would you say "you get what you pay for," or have you ever owned a piece of equipment, modded or stock, that you thought you got more than what you paid for it? What about a guitar you paid for and thought "this isn't worth what I paid for it." For example, I've noticed some guys say Epiphone or PRS SE guitars are similar or better than Gibson guitars, and other similar comments.
  4. Yes, I've heard that before. I think I'm going to focus on practicing more slowly and nitpick the heck out of my playing.
  5. I've been trying to develop my legato technique for about six months using various lessons from the internet. I feel like I'm not improving. Surely I need to practice more and have more patience, but in your experience what exercises and lessons worked for you when learning and developing your legato technique?
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