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  1. The sax has me in the market for acquiring an alto and tenor. Since I prefer to lie in wait for a good deal to present in the used instrument market, rather then buy new, I've been waiting for a while. These saxes don't seem to appear for resale as often as other makes. Hmmm. I wonder why .....
  2. This was my second attempt with Claude Lakey mouthpieces. The first try was with a tenor piece. That didn't work out very well either - too shrill for my purposes. Honestly, there are plenty of mouthpiece choices out there. Life's too short to mess around with this gimmicky piece. Try something else.
  3. This project started as an Ebay auction during the spring of 2015, for a new Haywire maple Tele style body with a string-thru, six saddle bridge and a comfortable, rear belly cut. I contacted the Haywire proprietor, Rick Mariner, about adding a neck and making it a complete package. We agreed on a price that included a neck to my specifications, and a full setup. The guitar arrived exactly as I wanted it. Great price, great service.
  4. This guitar was a project that started as an Ebay auction during the spring of 2016, for a gently used Haywire Nashville Shredneck Custom Tele with a string-thru, six saddle bridge and a comfortable, rear belly cut (which I need). As the name implies, it was fitted with a slim, fast, shredder neck. I have large hands and a slight disability, and thin necks give me fits. I contacted the Haywire proprietor, Rick Mariner, about replacing that neck with a thicker profile neck and a classic 9.25" radius and medium frets. I gave him him some measurements from my other Haywire Tele including neck thickness at various points and nut width, and sent it in. Rick was able to replace the neck and match the profile I requested. This included a complete setup including fret leveling and dress, and intonation with 11's. The work was done at a very reasonable price and the turnaround was something like 3 days instead of the 2 weeks I has assumed it would take. Upon receipt of the re-fitted guitar, I'm completely satisfied. Rick Mariner not only knows his way around a guitar, but he understands the voice of the customer. This blows me away. Great guitar, sweet price, super service. See my review for my first Haywire tele elsewhere on this forum.
  5. NJSax

    Godin Solidac

    Godin customer support isn't great. The way they handled the problem with the finish on my guitar could have been much better (see above). I wasn't looking for a freebie. I offered to buy another body. I asked for a rework procedure so I could re-finish the body myself. Both of these options would have been at my expense. Godin could have offered a refinishing service for which I would have gladly paid. But they didn't. Godin did nothing. I think I can safely assume that if one of their high profile users, say John McLaughlin for example, were to have reported this problem, they would have been fawning all over him. But me? I'm a nobody to them. With this type of support, Godin can never achieve world-class status as a Quality manufacturer. To stand behind one's product is to do it for everyone, no matter who they are. In this respect, they might as well change their name to McGuitars (Insert golden arches here.) This is yet another reason to look to Japan for good design/ fine workmanship and an ear for the customer.
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