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    You should have held on to the mic long enough to explain what you meant by this comment. :lol:


    Is Motown (IYO) an example of a great guitarist with a so-so producer, or the other way around? :confused2:


    Or did you have something else in mind? :idk:





    PS Producers hate it when you drop the mic. Engineers even more so. :cop: That's one fad I can't wait to see disappear.


    It was meant as an example of great song writing and performed with passion with marginal engineering/production.


    as for the Mic drop. If you ever heard me sing, You'll be screaming for me to drop the mic

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    I respectfully disagree. Music is as close to a universal language as you'll find anywhere, and something that has broad and very deep appeal - it's built into humanity on a fundamental level.




    Don't make the mistake of confusing and equating music with the music or entertainment industries. ;)


    I am talking about both the music industry and the entertainment industry. While the love of music will never go away, the search for finding quality music is relegated to mostly hard core music fans. The general public no longer cares. The sizzle is way more important than the steak for the bulk of listeners

  3. I thought that this thread was about the beach boys album. I was all set to go off on my dislike of surf music. This is much better.


    Lately I tend to prefer a smaller group (4, 5 pieces tops). I sort of like hearing each instrument stand on it's own and moving the song forward.

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