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  1. Lol,..I read: Phil O'Keefe has hairextensions ,.....in a glimpse.
  2. PhillaDilla,... where did you send the passwordreminder to? My emailaddy? There's no mail.
  3. Okay,... Let's make that possible,... My old name is Boosh ;-) I've send you my new emailaddy in a p.m. on facebook. Let's pick things up where I left. I got lots to teach people....
  4. That's exactly the part I missed. Last time I logged in was somewhere in 2013 so I missed two years. Phil offered me to send me a new password but I decided to register again. So I changed from Senior member with 1000s of posts to a Rookie with one post. Love it...call it a midlife reïncarnation. What I've been up to: In short... I'm still married to the most beautiful girl in the world. Our son Skip is turning 12 and we've got a babygirl called Crew.. she just turned 2. I've built myself a brand new studio and live music. Mixing, producing, mastering, beatmaking or full orchestration, recording,...you name it. Glad to be back!
  5. I remember your name ;-) Well without the 4.
  6. Thanks Craig! I'll be checking in occasionally. I started missing it ;-)
  7. New nick,..although it's almost similar to the old one. Postcount: 01 Fresh start. What's been happening since I left?
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