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  1. playing an HX3 B3 clone after decades on Hammond - in my opinion the best clone out there bar none. UHL / MAG organs. What I need is a really good sound source for bass - including acoustic, EPs and acoustic piano - that will be more or less 1 button controllable for each. The HX3 will pull midi to the organ keyboards and split, but there are no controls beyond channel setting. Any words of wisdom to p79@shaw.ca? btw - I really never have gotten the waterfall keyboard argument. Supposed to facilitate smears and the like, but from decades of playing I see no difference at all and I use a lot of smears and glisses. In building my own version of the HX3 before they stopped selling to individuals, I used Hammond console parts, including diving board manuals, because it allowed me to overlap the keyboards 1.5" more making it faster and easier to play. Just my experience, but see no gain to waterfalls at all.
  2. almost bought 1 having played Hammonds for years, but came to the conclusion that the HX3 (Keyboard Partners DE) out does even a Hammond. It is available now from UHL and from Mag Organs. I built mine before there were factories for it, but while that is another story - bit of an ongoing nightmare, the sound is phenomenal!!! And the Leslie simulation is beyond compare. A and B'd it with my Hammond Leslie combo, and couldn't tell the difference - running through a Fender Super Bassman head and home built Bill Fitzmaurice 15" speaker box using a JBL Pro extended range (total weight of box and speaker 45 lbs!). Pics on request of both units...
  3. I've been playing Hammond for a long time. Looking for recommendations for a source for a really good set of bass patches to pull with the pedal bass, EP and acoustic piano to pull from the keyboards. Software? Hardware? EMU 6400 ultra? Yamaha A5000? I'm playing an HX3 clone now which for me is the best sound out there including Hammond. But so far as midi control, there are only the channel presets 1 - 3. The HX3 sends midi all the time while the organ is played so in my limited experience with a Roland synth I have to change the channel or kill the patch volume on the fly to stop the non organ sound from happening. This is for live performance and the patch selection needs to be able to be done on the fly with a single click pretty much - no time to use a mouse or press several buttons, etc. So recommendations would be most welcome 1. authentic sound compared to real instrument - especially acoustic/upright bass and Fender Rhodes 2. software or hardware? 3. specifics so far as ease of use and use live thanks for any informed advice you can give - Mo
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