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  1. I argued the same point for many years, but I've just seen too much proof that wood changes tone. I think it affects the way the strings vibrate. And although pickups are not microphones, they are all slightly micrpphonic. I've had and made many many high end pickups, and if you were to yell into one, it will pickup the sound.
  2. Anyone have experience with pine electric guitars? I've heard a few teles made of pine and I think it balances nice since I generally think they're too twangy, and the pine seems to get rid of that somewhat. But I haven't heard it used for anything else. Anyone have any input on this?
  3. Well I got them both fixed. For the les Paul I noticed the nut slots were surprisingly too large. So I filled them with superglue and used old strings to carve them correctly. Then I used the strings to carve the bridge saddles a bit. I threw some new strings on it and now it rings like a bell. And as for the starforce, I just adjusted the saddle angle for more string contact , and switched the strings. Apparently it doesn't get along with fender strings. So now they both work again!! Thanks for all the advice everyone, I appreciate it
  4. I agree with your idea about lacewood, I think it's got good figure to suit a small piece like a pickup. And as of purple heart, I've actually ordered some to use. I'm making 5 sets of various woods, and I'm hoping for good results
  5. I use Dunlop heavycore strings. The gauges are 12-54. I also wrap the strings around the tailpiece (they seem to respond better to note bending) and I do have the action somewhat high. But I have the same strings with the same height on my prs, the only difference is it's a wraparound. The g string is really dull though. Speaking of dull strings, I have an old starforce I finished rebuilding, and the strings sound so flat they don't ring at all! Its like I'm Palm muting every note. It really irritates me because I just made 3 birds eye maple pickups for it and I want to know their TRUE tone. Wtf is wrong with my guitars?!
  6. My les Paul WILL NOT STAY IN TUNE FOR ITS LIFE!!!!! It's driving me insane. I put new tuners on it, and it did help. But after 5 minutes of playing it starts to sound a bit off and after 10 minutes it's just done. I have a prs that stays in perfect tune for weeks and I've never had a problem with it. Is this normal for les Paul's, is a prs just a superior design?
  7. I wanted to get some sound clips, but im having issues with my guitar. The Floyd rose on it broke... I really don't like those things:/
  8. Well I have to say they are extremely responsive, which is a good thing. If I had a bass I'd give a shot at making some for it. But I think your right about acoustic guitars, it might sound pretty excellent in one
  9. So I tried some on an experiment pickup I had lying around. It was really really REALLLY bright. It seemed as though It wound sound good for basspickups, but it hurt my ears as a guitar pickup.
  10. So I finally finished them. Took longer than I would have liked but oh well that's life. Anyways, they're single coil pickups with formar wire, alnico 2 magnets, and birdseyemaple for the top. I made it as wide as a cover would be So it would fit nice and snug. They're wax potted and the middle is rw/rp. This may be a biased opinion but these are by far the best pickups I've ever owned. They're very versatile and the notes are so well defined they sound beautiful. They also sound much sweeter than I expected but that's cool because it sounds nice. I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow
  11. Well I think I'm gonna go ahead and experiment with it once I get the parts together. After I test it out ill let you know how it sounds
  12. So your saying that unless they were very very small, they would actually dampen the strings vibration my pulling them towards the pole pieces?
  13. Anybody here ever used rare earth magnets in your pickups? What were the results, did it sound nice or was it ear piercing? I'm trying to start manufacturing wood bobbin pickups (whole different topic) and I want to experiment a little before I make any designs official.
  14. Well the reason I don't just make the covers, is because some people prefer the look of the bare bobbins. Of course, I will make some with the covers as well. My goal is basically to make very nice pickups at a reasonably affordable price. I could just use plastic but wood is pretty. So basically I just want to make amazing sounding, cheap priced pickups, that stand out from what everyone else has in their guitar. I was just curious to see if people would be fond of the wood look
  15. Yeah I don't expect to get any special magical tone from the wood itself. I just thought that exotic woods would be a lot prettier looking than pieces of plastic. My goal is to try to start a small little business with these, I wanna hand wind them all but sell them for cheaper than what other companies sell comparable products for. I figured that if I wanted them then hey, why wouldn't someone else?
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