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  1. Great article! I totally agree with you. But I reckon, if you're into music, stay away from the TV... Nick http://www.oneflightup.com.au
  2. Great article! Finally someone is saying what I've believed for a long time. Attention up and coming artists: don't get too big for your boots! If you can't out-do the original (unlikely) then stay away!! I've often thought a good compromise would be to cover a lesser-known track by a 'great'. Some in the audience will recognize the song, but you've got more scope to make it your own. Kinda like covering "I Found Out" off Lennon's Plastic Ono Band record, rather than "Imagine"....! Cheers! Nick http://www.oneflightup.com.au
  3. Looks interesting. Will have to try one out one of these days. Nick http://www.oneflightup.com.au
  4. Hey guys, I've often struggled with editing drums in Pro Tools. My buddy put this tutorial article together and I've found it to be very useful: Editing Drums Anyone else have some good tips / techniques to share? Nick ------------------- One Flight Up Recording Studios Sydney
  5. Hey WRGKMC, Thanks for your reply. Sorry the link didn't work.... seems to be working for me.... maybe the server was down? Anyway, I liked your post and I'll have to look out for the VOX pedals you mentioned..... I'm intrigued! Cheers, Nick ----------------------- One Flight Up Sydney Recording Studios
  6. Hey all, I caught up with one of Australia's top Bass players, Michael Vidale, and his recording partner, Dave Dempsey, recently and asked them about how they get a bass sound on record. Thought people here might be interested.... Recording Bass So what are your tips and tricks for recording bass? Nick ----------- One Flight Up Music Studios Sydney
  7. Hey guys, Great posts - plenty of good advice. I agree about ribbons as overheads - I don't think I'd use the RCA 77DX again, but certainly Coles 4038's. Cheers! Nick ---------------- One Flight Up | Sydney Recording Studios
  8. Hey everyone, I just finished a new article on miking up a drum kit for a 'vintage sound'. Thought people here might like to check it out: Recording Drums - Vintage Sound Anyone here deliberately gone after a 'vintage' recorded drum sound before? What are your tips? Nick --------------- One Flight Up | Sydney Recording Studios
  9. Awesome video! Thanks for posting! Nick --------------------- One Flight Up | Recording Studios
  10. You can't go wrong with Beyerdynamic headphones in the studio. They have different models at different price points. ------------- One Flight Up | Recording Studios
  11. Hey everyone, For those of you into vintage studio gear, you might like to check out my article on The History of Valley People. It follows on from my previous article, The History of Allison Research. Hope you like it! Comments and feedback welcome Nick -------- One Flight Up | Recording Studios
  12. And here is part 2: A History of Valley People. Enjoy Nick
  13. Hi everyone, Thanks for checking out the article! Glad you like it. Speakerjones - Great that you mention the "walk around with cans on" trick. I do that all the time. excellent advice. Phil - thanks for adding those points - all definitely good things to try, especially the hall / corridor. Love that one! I wanted to keep the article fairly simple as I know there are lots of people just starting out on the road of recording themselves. For these people as a starting point I recommend the 57. But you're right, there's definitely a world of possibilities from there in terms of microphone choice, combinations and positions. I'm a big fan of the Royer 121 on guitar amps... Excellent point about printing the room to a separate track! Karma1 - you're absolutely right about Eddie Kramer. I suppose I was trying to keep things a simple as possible in the article, really just trying to make the fundamental point about getting your sound right as much as possible before hitting record. But you're right, guys like Kramer and George Martin absolutely had a massive impact on the records they made, and good engineers and producers still do to this day.... But it's important for musos to understand that even though the Engineer / Producer can help with their sound, the responsibility is still very much the musician's to make the basic kind of sound they want to make... Billybilly - toilet's off to the left in the photos Cheers! Nick One Flight Up Recording Studios Sydney
  14. Hi everyone, Just finished a new piece on recording electric guitars. Check it out: 5 Tips for Amazing Electric Guitar Recordings Comments / suggestions welcome! Nick --- Sydney Recording Studios One Flight Up
  15. Hi everyone, I thought people here might be interested to read an article I've just written: The History of Allison Research. This was the company that brought us the Gain Brain limiter and Kepex gate in the early 1970's, changing the sound of drums on records forever! I've also scanned and uploaded 11 original Allison Research documents: manuals, brochures & even price lists from 1970! There's also a little video demonstration of Gain Brains in my studio in Sydney. Hope you enjoy the read and find it interesting! Comments and suggestions welcome. Who here has & uses Allison gear? Cheers! Nick One Flight Up | Recording Studios Sydney
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