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  1. If I pay $3K for a guitar, I want a lot of stuff to have to figure out
  2. If you aren't hung up on Tascam, check out Zoom. The Zoom R16 and R24 are pretty sweet. I have the 24 and prefer it because of track sequencing functionality. It also plays well as an interface, controller, rudimentary sampler and a standalone mixer of sorts. The only downside to me is the main output is -10 instead of +4. Worth consideration, IMO
  3. The only other idea I have is maybe use some of the blue painter's tape around the outside of the DIN to make the fit more snug. The blue tape shouldn't leave any nasty residue
  4. There is also a screw-type anchor in the pics. Those might be able to be used with an existing case screw. They also work with string as in another suggestion instead of the tape.
  5. Secured closely, this should help by securing excess and keeping the cable from moving around, working itself free from motion.
  6. Took me 10 or 15 minutes with an oak block and a belt sander ...
  7. Tie-wrap anchors are cheap and easy, some with sticky backs, some with holes for using existing case screws.
  8. It will be nice to hear Happy Birthday being sung to patrons in restaurants again!
  9. Yes, I have the 10-no C or X. It seems that the 10C is the most popular with the folks I've talked to. It is supposedly geared more toward "classic" amps. I like the breadth of ground the 10-no C or X covers.
  10. Seems pot values would make a different as well. Just thinking more about this ...
  11. I do use mine with A/E. It is designed for this. In ACO mode it offers some mic models as well. I was really intrigued by the AMPLIFI line, but I'm not an iPerson, so I passed. I understand they've added Windows and Android support, but the moment has passed Best thing you can do is try everything you can manage to get plugged into. All of the effects are nice and the clean is pretty darn good. Here's a youtube that I believe accurately represents the model I have [YOUTUBE]vWjUVQbHLnM[/YOUTUBE]
  12. I agree. The whole point is to be able to get very different sounds out of them.
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