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  1. Im not sure why they don't list the body wood. But I can tell you that they are definitely not plywood bodies. I believe that for most of the bodies that they use for their guitars they use basswood. Im sure it is an inexpensive variant. If you have ever picked up a Jay Turser strat or Les Paul they seem pretty light. If they were plywood they would be extremely heavy boat anchors.
  2. I suspect if you search around Boston area guitar stores you would find one. That was where their custom shop was in the mid-2000s. I always kind of thought it was a bit odd that they used the name First Act on both their bargain basement guitars as well as their custom shop models.
  3. I think those Vantage guitars were made in Korea by Samick.
  4. I believe this is a 1985 model. The Aria PE with Kahler models started to be manufactured around this time period. If you look up the Aria catalog from 1985 there is a pearl white model of this guitar on the cover.
  5. Do you happen to know what year that guitar is made? That is a beauty. I'm kind of a Washburn enthusiast so it would be interesting to know more about the history behind that guitar. The Idol body works quite well on a hollowbody. I have one of Washburn's new Idol Standard 26 models. Though I am hoping they really expand on the Idol line. Here is a video of me playing my Idol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrzel2XduGQ
  6. I really like the Aria Pro II guitars. Here is a video of me playing my PE-LUX guitar. This is not a Matsumoku made guitar rather this is a recent Japanese made model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJtnKqSWS7E
  7. Ive broke a lot of guitar strings through the years! Mostly high E strings but pretty much all of them except the low E.
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