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  1. Boogie Boys A Fly Girl vs Sly Fox Let's Go All the Way [video=youtube;BaNA7cbCHEc]https://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaNA7cbCHEc [video=youtube;X-tYprm1WRo]
  2. I have some old (1960s) "Music Minus One" LPs that are live bands playing jazz with no drummer. Lots of fun. You can find them on ebay. Of course you'd need a turntable. I think you can find them on CD now, probably downloadable too as mp3s. As for MIDI files...why not just get a file with drum tracks, then mute those.
  3. [QUOTE=Red Ant;n32515183]Most of my "80s listening" was "avant-funk/no-wave" ... James Chance & The Contortions, [/QUOTE] :philthumb: Why don't you try being stupid Instead of smart.
  4. No love for Stock, Aitken, & Waterman? I like [I]Showin' Out[/I] (Mel and Kim), but more for the bassline than the production.
  5. But I'll forgive you, since I was just about to post Slave to the Rhythm.
  6. Jam and Lewis! They also produced Janet Jackson, Nasty etc [video=youtube;LIs4a1Sjucg]https://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIs4a1Sjucg
  7. I have a big-drum Ludwig kit. 26-inch kick, 15" rack, and 18" and 20" floor toms. With a 6.5 x14 Supraphonic snare. Here's a studio pic when I was using a 16" floor tom for my rack-tom. [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","data-attachmentid":32513911}[/ATTACH]
  8. Travis Bean Wedge. Just because it looks cool. (I'm a drummer) [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","data-attachmentid":32513881}[/ATTACH]
  9. Roland SH-101. Had to sell it when I got laid-off. I miss it every day,
  10. [QUOTE=gp2112;n32493069] While I wholeheartedly agree, I must say that their run started with Caress of Steel, and followed by: 2112, A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres and through Signals (Which Subdivisions was on). That seven year period was their greatest era and all of those albums got serious airplay. [/QUOTE] Rush's run started and ended with their first album. IMHO I saw them on the Fly By Night tour, opening for KISS. :)
  11. [QUOTE=Red Ant;n32492600] I went with Lark's Tongue 1st and left off USA, cause its a live record - and awfully recorded and terrible sounding to boot. [/QUOTE] Let's compromise and make it a four-album run. It's just so great to hear Bruford/Wetton play live, even if the sound qulaity is suspect. I just read that Fripp compared their playing to "a flying brick wall."
  12. [QUOTE=gubu;n32492535]S/t Rated R SftD They hit paydirt with those 3. Seminal albums in an admittedly fairly limited genre, that I don't even listen to anymore 😂[/QUOTE] After much QotSA listening, I like the first (s/t) the best.
  13. Controversy 1999 Purple Rain Soundtrack - Prince
  14. Starless and Bible Black Red USA - King Crimson
  15. Benefit Aqaulung Thick as a Brick -Jethro Tull (perhaps the most diverse of all three-album runs)
  16. Roxy Music For Your Pleasure Stranded Country Life - Roxy Music
  17. Frequencies from Planet Ten Time Travelling Blues The Big Black - Orange Goblin
  18. Blues for the Red Sun Welcome to Sky Valley ...And the Circus Leaves Town -Kyuss
  19. [QUOTE=Voltan;n32406384]is teh hoop for teh bottom teh same size as teh hoop for teh top? take the drum apart and turn it upside down and put the top head in the bottom hoop and place it near the vent hole... if the vent hole lights up green, youre all set! [/QUOTE] You said "vent hole." :eek:
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