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  1. I have a 6 week old Tony Franklin bass that I would like to sell. Includes OHSC and has never been taken out of the house. $1250 includes shipping Thanks!
  2. I am selling a 6 week old Tony Franklin fretless precision bass. It is in perfect condition. I have used it for the past 6 weeks and am selling it because I have gone back to playing 6 string bass. Here is the info: Few rock bassists are as closely identified with fretless bass as Tony Franklin. Acclaimed for his innumerable session credits and work with Roy Harper, the Firm, Blue Murder, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and others, Franklin is a devoted and longtime Precision artist and one of the finest modern exponents of the fretless version of the instrument. The Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass delivers his style and powerful elastic tone in a model with classic looks and personalized Franklin features including two specially voiced pickups, a drop-D E-string tuner and more. FEATURES Maple neck with "C" profile Three-way pickup selector switch Unmarked and unfinished ebony fingerboard with side dot markers only Tony Franklin designed pickups American Vintage bass bridge with four single-groove steel "barrel" saddles Vintage-style tuners with Hipshot® Bass Xtender drop-D tuner on the E string "P/J" PICKUP CONFIGURATION WITH FRANKLIN BRIDGE PICKUP This bass features the tonally versatile combination of a pummeling split single-coil Precision Bass® middle pickup and a growling Jazz Bass® bridge pickup, widely known in bass guitar circles as a "P/J" pickup configuration. The specially voiced Tony Franklin Jazz Bass single-coil bridge pickup has hex-screw pole pieces and ceramic bar magnets. NITROCELLULOSE LACQUER FINISH Nitrocellulose lacquer is one of the great original-era Fender electric guitar finishes, and is still used today on select instruments. Thin, porous and delicate, it's a premium finish prized for sonic qualities that let body woods breathe with their true tonal character, and for an appearance that ages and wears in a distinctive way appealing to many players. FRETLESS EBONY FINGERBOARD WITH NO FRET MARKERS There's nothing like the slippery, fluid and elastic tone of a fretless bass. A distinctly classic Fender sound since the early 1970s, it's in better form than ever coming from Tony Franklin's Signature Precision Bass, which features a beautiful ebony fingerboard with no fret marker lines (side dots only). I paid $1700 for it with a hard shell case that has never been taken out of my house I feel $1100 is a great price for it And yes, it comes with the DR Pink Neon Strings! Contact me at dcg@therockandrollgarage.com
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