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  1. I had just exported the whole six tracks as one piece - they're all in that same file. I will of course export them as separate tracks when I have final masters. (EDIT) Just to be clear, the file to listen to is called "Transfixed Test Master #1". Sorry for any confusion.
  2. Good info, thanks. Do your comments apply to all the tracks (there are six of them) or just the first track? The reason I'm wondering is because most of the tracks have full drums, whereas your comments seam to be directed at the first track (with its limited snare and cymbals). The Fletcher-Munson thing sounds good...I'll give it a try when I do my revised mix/master.
  3. Thanks for the critique, WRGKMC. Are you talking about applying those EQ tweaks to the vocal only, or to the overall mix?
  4. I just uploaded a preliminary test master of my new EP to Soundcloud. I plan on living with it for the next week, trying it out on different systems, and gathering any feedback on the mastering job - then I'll do a final master (and possibly a few tweaks to the mix). So feel free to give it a listen, and comment away! I'm particularly interested in your feedback after listening to it on less than ideal systems (car stereos, earbuds, etc) - but all feedback is welcome. There are a few things bugging me, but I won't tell you what they are because I don't want to put any ideas in your head! Something seems to be a bit funky with the way links are getting posted...so please use the one that immediately follows, rather than the one at the bottom of the post: https://soundcloud.com/mick-97/transfixed-test-master-1
  5. The 16x08 looks interesting. The 1200 should suit my needs for now though. I hooked it up last weekend, and added a cheap kick drum mic to the 2-mic setup I had been using...it's sounding pretty good.
  6. Good info...thanks. Yeah, some people are saying that the high end Behringer stuff is good...the low, not so good.
  7. Thanks for the tip, WRGKMC. I just ordered one last night that I'd found, for 150 bucks. I just found out this morning about the Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD, which is only a hundred bucks - if I'd known about that I might have gone that route.
  8. Hmmm...looks like when they discontinued the 1200 and introduced the 4x4, they eliminated two inputs and raised the price a hundred bucks. I'm hoping I can still find a 1200.
  9. I was all set to pull the trigger on a Tascam US-1200, but it looks like you can't get them any more. Is there a suitable replacement for it? That is, something at about the same price point, and with at least 3 - preferably 4 - inputs (I want to use it to mic drums).
  10. Good info...thanks, guys. Yeah, I've tried a lot of different placements using the MXL 990 & 991 mics. Put them up high on either side of the kit and the toms turn to cardboard. But if I put the 991 up close between my two rack toms, and the 990 by the two floor toms, the toms sound awesome. Cymbals and snare are also picked up. But you barely hear the bass drum - that's why I want to do the upgrade.
  11. I'm currently micing drums with an MXL 990 and an MXL 991, going into a Scarlett 2i2. I want to add an inexpensive kick drum mic to the setup, but that means upgrading to an interface with more inputs. So I'm considering getting a Tascam US 1200, and a CAD KBM412 kick drum mic. The only thing is, the MXL's are condensor mics and I'd have to turn on the Tascam's Phantom power for them. But that CAD mic is dynamic - so I'd have phantom power turned on for all 3 mics at once (no way to turn it on for selected inputs only - with the 1200 it's all or nothing). Does this sound like it will work, or will I mess up the CAD mic (or something else)?
  12. Thanks for the responses. Sounds like some combo of EQ and compression...I'll have to do some more messing around when I get a chance.
  13. Wow...great pics of Ringo and his sheets! Yeah, I've done all kinds of experimenting with o-rings, moongels, and gaffer tape (never tried bedding though!). I'm actually not a fan of a really dead sound, I like some sustain. I'll use these things sparingly...mainly to kill any high pitched ringing. I'll also throw an o-ring on a tom if I'm tuning to a specific note...it knocks out some frequencies and purifies the tone. But the headphones are doing something that these muffling devices don't. Hard to describe it...try giving your snare a few wacks with and without phones and you'll see what I mean. It doesn't so much deaden the sound as mellow it somehow. I'm thinking maybe it rounds off the sharpness of the attack...or something that just makes it more pleasing to the ear.
  14. After endless tuning, head changes, cursing, etc, I've finally gotten my drums sounding close to how I like them. But when I put on a pair of headphones, the sound instantly improves 100%. I'm not talking about listening thru the phones, I'm talking about just putting them on...not necessarily connected to anything. A certain harsh quality instantly goes away...they just sound so much more musical. Does anyone know why this is? Or, more importantly, are there any recording tricks - EQ, compression or whatever - that can reproduce this effect electronically?
  15. Yowzers...they don't make this stuff easy, do they?
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