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  1. I bought this Corsair RM750 750 watt modular power supply brand new recently, only to find that it is an inch too long to fit flush in my tower - it is 7" in length and sticks out the back of my tower about an inch, so please measure your clearance before purchasing. Before I even tried to install it I got ahead of myself and cut out the barcode on the box, henece why it could not just be returned and instead is up for sale. The power supply is new and unused, with only a tiny hair scratch at the very top and a very slight smear in the finish along either side of the corner of it from when I slid it into my tower (see pics). I had all the cables plugged into it before sliding it into my tower so despite the fact it didn't fit all the way I powerred it up and the PSU works perfectly and is extremely quiet. I originally bought this for a DAW PC, so if silence is something you require this PSU will deliver. $70 shipped free to your door to anywhere in the US only. Paypal, Cash, or US Money Order.
  2. I bought this item by accident thinking at the time that I was buying an XLR mic splitter, but actually this Whirlwind AES-SP1X2 is meant to split a digital AES/EBU signal. Item is in absolute new mint condition, though it is missing the box. $60 shipped to your door anywhere in the US only.Paypal, Cash, or US Money Order. Below is a description of this item from the Whirlwind website: The Whirlwind AES Splitter 1x2 is a passive unit that delivers two identical AES/EBU signals from a single stream. The design utilizes a dual secondary transformer on the input and a separate isolation transformer for each output. With the three-transformer circuit, the Whirlwind AES-SP1X2 maintains excellent data integrity and high amounts of isolation between outputs.
  3. Up for sale is a new Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo (chrome), and I will throw in for free a set of new Graph Tech String Saver Saddles. Bought this tremolo recently and the Graph Tech saddles for my American Deluxe Strat only to find that this tremolo bridge does not fit my Strat without modification. I use this same Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N on my Warmoth baritone Strat and I prefer it over the Hipshot I now have installed on my Strat. Wilkinson tremolo and the Graph Tech saddles are in new condition, as I was unable to use them. $80 shipped free to anywhere in the US - and I will throw in for free a new set of Graph Tech PS-8200-00 String Saver Saddles.
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