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  1. "EDIT : Easy Fix, Garageband must have not been working properly, I simply closed the app and reopened the file. It now toggles via the LCD and the track control now, where as it was locked on seconds before " I am trying to track some dummy tracks for my band and just noticed that i can not find a way for my Garageband 11' to show the Beats in the grid, Its only showing Seconds, I tried googling and the help button and cant find away to toggle the beat grid on (help menus says its there but doesnt mention how to change it). The ruler on the side only allows me to be able to place the marker on certain beat intervals but does not divide up the grid into measures. Any help would be great.
  2. Hi all! i am looking into getting a space for my band so we can play late and do not want to bring my precious gear down their as i have a decent set up at home. I am looking for a good cheap pedal that has the basics, Delay, Chorus, Verb etc. This will be a spare so i don't have to lug around my full board around with me when i want to play late after the bars/venues. I used to own a Line 6 M13, this was a good pedal, layout was amazing but sucked my tone and was not $cheap$, and ended up shitting the bed after 2-3 years (power cycling on and off.) I am looking for nothing fancy but want it reliable for a cheap cost (used). I am going to try to stay away from Line 6.
  3. I actual like a decent relief. My gigging and writing guitars are set up with d'addario NYXL (best strings ever, bend like lower gauges and stay in tune through a set) 11-56 in drop c/ d standard relief set at .012 on 24.75 scale and .013 on the 25.5 scale with standard action. Playing heavy gauges and drop tunings got me accustomed to relief. I got this strat to play my standard tunings and wannabe Jeff Beck blues, I'm so use to a greater relief that I may bring it to .011 in a few weeks if I don't want to settle with the current set up
  4. Yes the issue was that the truss rod was Over loosened, the 2 full turns was before there was Any resistance in the turn. I measured it every 1/2 turn before the tension was present. Once it finally gripped I measured , then did 1/4 then 1/8 to get it to .010 from the .018 it was at, so once set was set it worked just like it should, I've read about companies including Fender sometimes shipping their guitars with out any truss rod tension. I'm going to keep an eye on it to make sure the Neck doesn't drift in either direction after the truss and neck settling. Actually hoping it settles forward a bit at .011
  5. Good news... The truss rod was just very loose. I gave it a good 2 full turns more and it started to bite. I have the Relief set perfectly at .010 now. Took at least 4 turns total to get it adjust, at that point it didn't take much to adjust.
  6. I bought a used MIM Standard Strat on Ebay. There is to much relief Currently at .017 at the 8th fret. The issue is the Truss Rod does nothing, it just spins either direction with little to no resistance. I started off with a Quarter turn clockwise to tighten and was surprised how it moved so freely, then a half turn. A week later now I've seen NO adjustment made and have giving it Two full turns with out feeling any bite from the Truss Rod. Should i keep turning it till i feel it tighten? don't know how many full turns it will take, and at that point i don't see why it is not working, Guitar was hardly ever played as it was a professional keyboardist before mine.
  7. The String is running a little high on the slot so next set of strings I will file it down. I will get a capo so i can do a exact measurement on the relief but I feel what i have is perfect for the slightly loose 6th string (which I don't mind either because tend to articulate my notes with bends quite often)
  8. I set-up my Epiphone Explorer with 11-52 strings in CGCFAD. There was no need for a Truss Rod adjustment (has been 24 hours), only bridge height and intonation. My readings for the set up; Relief- ~1/62" (no buzzing any fret, don't have a capo to do an exact measurement at the 8th fret), Action at 12th fret- 1st string 3/32", 6th string 2/32". Intonation went pretty smoothly, Flipped 3rd string saddle. Only string that is ever so slightly sharp is the 6th string in C with the saddle maxed out (nut may need a slight file). If I were to put a larger string say a 54 will this aid the sharp intonation to the key? 52 is slightly loose so a 54 would help in both ways if this is true. Thanks for all the help!
  9. Now looking at the bridge i notice there is Not any more room to intonate the G string (slightly sharp even at concert) so i am highly doubting this guitar will intonate well drop down to CGCFAD. I will try and flip the saddle to give a bit more room.
  10. Thank you all for the tips on the guitar set up. I will take notes on the current set up when I'm ready to give My guitar it's official drop tune.
  11. I just bought a epiphone 1984 reissue explorer that has a pro setup which has 11-49 strings I believe (maybe 10-48). If I decided to drop tune it to drop c which my original band uses and use 11-52 strings will I have to adjust the truss rod or will the drop tune and thicker gauge balance it's self out? I'm aware the intonation may need a slight tweaking. (Towards the stop tail piece?) I may just leave this guitar for standard tuning but I really enjoyed playing it at practice even with the weakened tension (stock strings in drop c)so I'm torn between keeping it's already mint setup in standard or set it up down to my personal style. ( I have 2 other guitars I can switch between as well)
  12. Thanks for all the help! Definitely know the direction to go in now. Its my KC550 and will consider selling it to start up on a powered 12 and decent mixer. Going to be splitting the cost as it will be staying in my studio/possession. I'm fairly new to Live sound any particular brands/products noted for their craftsmanship/reliability? Lets Say 700$ Power-speaker $300 Mixer (Maximum). Would like to buy the mixer used most likely.
  13. Friend is asking $650 (peavey XR8300, 2 x PR12, Stands). The PR12s slant when laid down on its side. Currently using the Roland KC-550 for Vocals/keys, We get some feedback only when mic is covered with hands to closely. The 8300 Feedback detection wouldn't solve this? Sounds like Powered Speakers would be a better option? We can live with the Roland KC550 for now if the 8300 isn't worth the cash.
  14. We are a loud Heavy Rock/Metal band and looking for a PA mainly for vocals at practice/small and inputs for recording. Most if not all small-medium sized gigs have their own PA's so would only be used for basement shows if needed. Will the Peavey Xr8300 (300w per speaker) be enough to carry us through? Currently Using a Roland KC550 Keyboard amp for Vocals/keys and it just not cutting it running both. Getting a good deal so just want to make sure this PA will fit our needs. Edit: 2 Peavey PR12 would be paired with the Mixer
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