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  1. I realized I linked to the soundfile for the old bridge version I made, which was a bit higher output. I fixed it and changed the link to go to the neck version I mentioned. Whoops.
  2. I forgot those recordings were on there! I don't even know where those source files are anymore. I remembered the pickup was a Seymour Duncan JB into a Mesa Dual Rectifier though. The Wide Range Neck would be tough to do metal with. The bridge that I have now wound to 9.5K (no sound sample on my soundcloud, that's a lower output version in the bridge) sounds great through the same Mesa amp though. I haven't tried it for metal though, just heavier sections of rock, and it works great. I get the feeling it wouldn't be ideal for metal though. Probably too many bright overtones.
  3. I remember seeing them a while back, but I wanted complete control over the resistance, inductance, and wind pattern, and to have adjustable magnets. I'll have to listen to that clip later. Assuming they only use 3 magnets per coil, then they are very similar in design to my Full Range Humbuckers. I'm VERY surprised that this style of "noiseless single coil" hasn't been done that much instead of much more convoluted stack designs for noiseless single coil tones. IMO it gets waaaaaaaay closer, and is much easier to create from mostly stock parts. If you build your own pickups, be prepared to spend a fair amount of money and spend a lot of time learning by trial and error! Its very fun though!! I actually surprised myself with how damn good my pickups sound now.
  4. After almost a year of experimenting and prototypes, this is the pickup I finally became happy with. I call it a "Full Range Humbucker" because it looks like a "Wide Range Humbucker", but they sounds much more like a Strat neck pickup and hot bridge single coil than a humbucker. This is because it it uses 6 (3+3) rod magnets, staggered like a P bass under the covers, instead of 12 charged screws like a humbucker normally does. Between the poles being magnets like a single coil and not using 12 rods, they typical phase cancellation that occurs on humbuckers gets taken away while not losing the advantage of the hum cancelling properties of a humbucker. Neck Version: - 6.1K - 2.6H - Alnico 5 rods Bridge Version: - 9.5K - 5.5H I've fell in love with the pickups, and just wanted to share! Here's a quick unprocessed sound clip I made of the neck model:
  5. I wouldn't really consider it a product since I'm the only one using it, although I might try that out if I can figure out how to do any of the business end stuff and make a few without it effecting my day job. It feels like a waste learning to build pickups, spending time and money on R&D, and being the only one to take advantage of that. I'm probably gonna convert some friends (other than the other guitar player in my band) into using them. I did post some quick clips on the Seymour Duncan website a while back, if you want to get an idea of what they sound like. http://www.seymourduncan.com/forum/showthread.php?286903-Finally-some-quot-Full-Range-quot-Pickup-Clips
  6. "Full Range Humbuckers" No one else in world has the same favorite pickup type as me! :-D I've always been torn between single coils and humbuckers, so I learned how to build pickups and made a bunch of prototypes until I finally got the sound out of a pickup I wanted and hum cancelling as well. They look like Fender "Wide Range" pickups, hence why I named them "Full Range" pickups, but they sound more like a single coil than a Wide Range and also have normal humbucker spacing. I guess technically they are "humbuckers" since they cancel hum, but they also only have 6 pole pieces so they don't have much of the phase cancellation that is part of the typical humbucker sound.
  7. I use a Zvex Distortron into a Fender Bassman 59 RI and absolutely love the combination.
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