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  1. My band is currently recording our third album. I recorded my guitar takes directly into my bandmates focusrite sapphire 56 HI-Z input. I bought one of these things. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/radial-engineering-pro-rmp-passive-reamping-direct-box#productDetail Now that it is time to run the Direct signal through the re-amp box and into my amp we have faced nothing but problems. We started off using an unbalanced instrument cable to connect the re-amp box to the amp as the manual called for. When we did that we were unable to get the proper volume or overdrive necessary for the metal parts. My bandmate borrowed a balanced speaker cable which for some reason was able to provide much more of the loudness we needed, but now there is this horrific high feedback that comes up every time there is a palm muting section, which is a lot. It is getting very late in the recording session, we've asked people for help with no answers, we haven't found anyone with another re-amp box to borrow to see if mine is defective and I don't have enough money to get another one. The only alternative is just running the stems through Amplitube 3, which while not horrible, is not nearly as good as a real tube amp.
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