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  1. Well this is clearly the set up for brushes! And I sure hope that is a Paiste but the wing nut is too tight by 1/4 turn. Any serious drummer will point that out.
  2. This is not a post seeking advice in any way but just a way to codify my thought process as I continue to build my humble project studio. When I decided to get serious I took stock and was actually pleased to see that I was closer than I thought to the 'core' components. What popped to the top as far as needs we're channel expansion and better preamps and my desire to have a true acoustic kit. Oh and a premium mic or two. I was about to jump on a ribbon and Neve preamp deal when I was educated on how the whole lunch-box angle works - so didn't quite have the budget. So instead I jumped to the next step and added: A decent used drum kit - thanks to my buddy Josh for advice - even burned the BD mic hole myself. Currently set up with a set of cheap Nady's but have an AT822 for an overhead and an ol EV BK1 on the hi-hat. to pair with the kit I picked up a practically brand new M-Audio Profire 2626 interface which I plan to use as a standalone expander with Adat to my tascam FW1824 using the Tascam as master clock using BNC. I have not done this yet as I am scared to death because - well - the DAW is nice and stable with low latency as it is!! I will be very methodical on this and make sure I am plenty lucid before I even install the latest drivers. All study to date indicate that this should be just fine. ok - so originally I thought I would patch the drums thru the Tascam direct - but during my initial setup I was really digging the approach of running them through my Mackie 24 VLZ pro mixer because I could immediately EQ out pesky resonance, provide a reference verb and since I am sending the headphone mix through aux sends I can quickly give the player a custom mix which I believe will be more inspirational. This way I am not having to configure thru DAW although yes I know I won't be getting as good audio. So now I think I will patch into the Tascam via the Mackie and use the better pre's on the other sources. In all - this has been a fun process. I am thrilled to have a true accoustic set. Of course now I need to augment! [ATTACH=CONFIG]n31516918[/ATTACH]
  3. I am trying out the MXL cr24 right now. Actually seems decent (don't really like the SD tho). Doubt I will keep it but may work it a little more and see if it gives me someone my other LD's don't.
  4. I am having a difficult time helping a friend determine a good value for thisTLII version. It would include box but no shock mount. My impression of a mint condition complete would be about $650. The mic works fine but the band that holds the grill has separated on one side and the grill has some deformation - almost as if struck at some point. I have looked at Reverb, Ebay, and some other private posts but want to have a good candid estimate. My gut is saying $400-450. i am not necessarily asking opinion on price but perhaps resources for finding prices for items like this.
  5. I'd be curious to know how the Korgs mentioned above compare with my micro-x which I've called upon often and mixes in great live. I have a Yamaha TG-300 I've been trying to sell that if programmed can do some great pads - used it for a killer unison string patch once. Other than that my MR Rack sounds great in the studio but is almost too fat on stage. I miss my old Poly 800 for nice DAC analog warmth...
  6. I don't think this is off-topic - but with music being practically given away and the 'live experience ' becoming the focus - how does the modern keyboardist engage an audience? What works? This has always been an issue I think but how do you make fiddling with an iPad or MacBook entertaining? I'm not leading the conversation here - I really would like to know...
  7. Excellent points! Perhaps why as I get more impressed with in-the-box sound I am drawn more and more to the outside -the-box immediacy and tactile experience.
  8. Good for you! Now why why why did I sell my MS-10 way back when for $75??? Kicking myself. Why why why!!!
  9. Thanks for the feedback - I'm feeling a little better about it. I'm running three SS drives with the 4th for the libraries. Latency is low and stability is actually quite good. It Is definitely the multiple sample rates that are a challenge to keep in line within a project and yes the sampled wave rates are dictating. And yes WRGKMC - that's the way I like to work too - with guitars and outboard and I really don't want to mess with reampiing right now. And I can still use my outboard synths and drive with MIDI - which I've done for years on slower machines. I like out of the box but the plugs are sounding great too! That is an interesting thought about upsampling. I might experiment a little. Pretty amazing the capabilities available these days.
  10. Yeah - I think I am. I am capable of 96k (Tascam Fw 1884 and Akai DPS16 MTC sync and can use as clock source at 44/48/96. DAW is Sonar 8.5 Producer.32 or 64bit. I've been experimenting but just keep running into snags - especially as I am using more synth plugins than ever including Ivory II and it doesn't like anything other than 44.1. I'd actually love to go 24/88 ideally but I think for simple compatibility sake I'll stick with 24/44. I suppose for anything outside the box I can up the project sample rate. any thoughts?
  11. My thanks to The at thesoniq for giving me the green light to do this on the Rack (like I have on the KS-32). the only thing I did though was build a riser for the battery holder and wired it to the board. Made soldering much easier - something I'm just not that good at. back in business - can save those custom drum maps again.
  12. Sad - I worked for RS back when beta and VHS we're battling it out! With wired remotes. Sold a few Tandy's and CoCo's. Remember playing that ''Moog'? Two stores in my town are on the list for closing.
  13. I hear ya on that G-string! wow! Plus going from 10s to 11s. Getting used to it though. This weekend I'm gonna work more seriously with the amplified tone. I'll check out that video
  14. At first I thought my condenser was going south but low and behold the 'right' channel just went to noisy grit. Am I right to suspect the Tube as the possible culprit? I would describe the sound as kind of a blown-speaker vibe. Not good. it is out of warranty so I'm not afraid to go spelunking.
  15. Thanks so much for the advice, Phil! I was actually thinking of passing up the AKG for the TLM102 but decided for now I'd keep the 414 for the multi pattern capabilities. I just picked up Dave Hunter's "Home Recording Handbook" and he is using the M160 and AEA R84. Ever since my first good mic - an AT4033 - I knew I was starting down a potentially expensive road....I think I'l first upgrade my preamp(s) - considering a Focusrite Octopre with Black Lion mod and adat to my Tascam fw1884 - then indeed look seriously at those other mics.
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