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  1. Just some of the black keys have a clicking noise and its lateral. Almost like there is a lack of cushioning when they travel vertically. The white keys are fine though there is significant key return noise. What's a cheap option for felt? I've heard of some people using weatherstripping. Any recommendations? Or maybe buying it from Kawai isn't so expensive? Would be nice to bring it back to the cushioning, muffled sound of new. There's (I think) 5 different felt strips on it. 1 for each side of the white and black keys and the red one for under the keyboard case. Just realized how dangerous it could be, when a piano is disassembled, to leave the key structure upside down, once removed from the case. That will cause the black keys to compress their felt. If you're working on the piano for a few days it could really affect the felt having all the pressure on it with no letup for several days. I suppose a proper technician would have a way of suspending it so they could work on it upside down but the black key felts wouldn't be compressed. Is there a disassembly manual? The owner's manual is useless. I think I need to check out to see if the weights on the keys are rattling. But why would some of the black key ones have that clicking noise? Maybe the white keys are just supported better vertically by their inherent shape?
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