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  1. Always wanted one of them sick and twisted Yammies. And the Ibby too, was enthralled with them when they first came out, so well-made. Congrats!
  2. "Is your amp aimed at your head or at your ankles? Proximity to your amp doesn't mean you can hear it better. Sometimes the opposite, eh?" This. Get an amp stand that points the amp at your head. We guitarists usually like to play louder than others want to hear us. I would guess that most churches are not the place to rock out. Perhaps it would suit you to go secular and enjoy the freedom of expression.
  3. Wow, 50 times... well I just did it 10 times correctly. It's really about the headspace, anxiety. Like that thing where you can walk across a 2x4 on the ground easily, but if it's 50 feet up it makes you nervous. Or 'red light fever', where you can play something, but when you're recording, it makes you nervous and you screw up. When I saw 'Just What I Needed' on the set list I would have a physical reaction, tensing up. Gotta get over that. I practice a lot, and then when it comes up at a gig, I remind myself of all the times I practiced it. But ultimately I shouldn't have to do that. This is the first time I've played in a poppish cover band. Lots of 3 minute songs where you have to play the part like the recording, more like a recital than other, more improv-based bands I've played in. Also a LOT more profitable. Thanks again for the replies.
  4. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. Some deep stuff! No wrong notes, eh? See that's the problem, I'm in a bar, trying to play the solo on 'Just What I Needed' by the Cars, and I get some of the notes wrong, though I know them. I dig there's a deep philosophical point here, but there are definitely wrong notes, as far as the audience and my bandmates are concerned. Largely about anxiety, I guess. Maybe if I can let go of the fear of wrong notes, I can relax into a more accurate performance.
  5. 1. appropriatness - know when and what to play 2. play with feeling 3. play music - not math The above ones are good. I would add: 1. Be born with a good ear 2. Be born with good dexterity and a musical brain 3. Be motivated and listen to your bandmates' playing Ok that's more than three actually.
  6. I make mistakes... like most people, though maybe more. I know the tunes, but my fingers go astray. Of course it happens more at gigs, unfortunately. A 'note perfect' performance, or close to it, is what I'm after. Any tips would be welcome.
  7. We all know that to get gigs, you need a package that includes a photo of the band, a brief band biography, and some recordings of the band playing. Used to be you went into a club and handed someone a folder with the first two on paper, and a CD. Nowadays we're all on the web, and Electronic Press Kit is the thing. So how does your band do it? Give the club person a card with your Facebook page's URL (your FB page would have links to Soundcloud or something like it)? Get their email address and send them an email with attachments? Or go old school and hand them a folder with a CD? We just want to do what the cool kids are doing.
  8. Which boss I've had a TON of comps The blue Compressor/Sustainer. From the 80s I think.
  9. I've had a Boss compressor for years, and I use it a lot. So much so that I got to thinking about a Keeley. Sonny Landreth uses one, OK that's maybe a silly reason to want one. The Keeley sells for around 220, kind of a lot. Supposed to be transparent. Anybody owned both of these, willing to compare and contrast them? Thanks.
  10. Thanks y'all. What I'm getting is that there is no easy way.
  11. My Echo Park has a reverse function. I dial down the repeats, put the mix on full wet, and get effects similar to those heard on Hendrix and Beatles recordings. Playing live is difficult- I guess I have to think backwards and in advance. I know some using this effect in recordings have painstakingly written phrases out so they come out right. Any hints on playing backwards live?
  12. I would never use one of these units in live performance. I imagine a nightmare of stomping on the buttons, searching for the correct patch...
  13. you could go crazy trying to program one of these things but keep in mind; you only really use three tones : screaming lead - crunchy chords (riffs) - sweet cleans On my BlackBox, I have the (ever-so-slightly hairy)cleans on every other preset so that, no matter where I am; I'm only one stomp away from my home tone I agree, as far as playing live gigs. But I only use this multi-box for practice and recording, where I can hear detail. The EQ settings make a big difference. Subtle stuff can happen. I can get a lot of flavors, that inspire a lot of different riffs. Sometimes you just have to fight your way up the learning curve.
  14. My rationalizations: I'm broke, way underemployed. The barn door has been open for years. Most of the artists I steal from are either rich or dead. My young nephews do it without a second thought. Still, I feel guilty.
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