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  1. Don't get me started on rebracing old Harmony's!!!! Last year I got hooked on Scott Baxendale's Harmony/Kay rebracing. I even found a couple of Harmony Sovereign H1260's, One minty and one a basket case. My intention was to use the basket case to learn how they come apart, then convert the minty one. But, my opinion has lowered on doing this. I think it's a lot of snake oil. I'm sure there's some improvement, but there's no way they sound like a vintage pre-war Martin. But that's his thing and he's making lots of money doing it. Maybe I'll get to it someday. I found a minty "Note"
  2. I've been working on 2 customer neck resets/refrets/etc. http://yamahavintagefg.boards.net/thread/152/customer-repair-1977-yamaha-335 http://yamahavintagefg.boards.net/thread/160/customer-repair-1972-yamaha-500 And some of my personal stuff. I got bored doing neck resets and wanted to make some hybrid guitars based on vintage Yamaha FG's. http://yamahavintagefg.boards.net/thread/130/hybrid-project-guitar-yamagull-1 http://yamahavintagefg.boards.net/thread/150/guitar-project-yamabass
  3. I'm back!!!!! I've taken apart 14 vintage FG's. They've all been hide glue EXCEPT a 1977 FG-335, that was a tough one and looked to be epoxy. It's possible when the new series can out in 1977 they changed to epoxy, starting the rumors they all were built with epoxy. I've done a 12 string FG-230. It was a tough one because of the width of the fretboard. Same neck joint. I know of 3 or 4 people who've used my neck reset guide and have successfully done a neck reset on a vintage FG. http://yamahavintagefg.boards.net/thread/18/vintage-yamaha-neck-reset-procedure The problem is the nec
  4. Thanks! These numbers are sequential, shared by all guitars they made and not related to the date of manufacture. This guitar was made probably November 1971.
  5. Sorry, I guess I haven't checked here in over a month! The G-150 was made 1973 to 1976, list price $166.50, spruce top, sapale back & sides. all laminate. The Model 150 was made 1964 to 1967, spruce top, Indian rosewood back & sides. No mention of solid. The early records are very incomplete. As you can see, these are completely different guitars. I've heard the Model 150 is a very nice classical guitar, if you can find one in decent shape.
  6. I'm still looking for serial numbers and date codes. I'm up to over 350. I've found date codes in all of my Yamaha's except for the 2 Red label Taiwan models. But they are in the Tan & Black label Taiwan models, although the year numbers are different due being referenced to a different countries Emperor. I've expanded the search beyond the early Red label Nippon Gakki models, to the Taiwan models also. I've gotten many serial number sets (they have 2 sets of serial numbers) and I'm working on figuring out when each of them changes to the next. The shorter Tan label with only t
  7. It looked promising. Lots of dead links.
  8. I tried to register for the OLF to find the username & email address where already in use! I joined almost exactly 5 years ago, 1 day off. I just made my first post. Almost all of the hits for "Yamaha neck reset" are in 1 thread. The typical epoxy & cut the neck off talk.
  9. They are hard to find. I use a flashlight and my cell phone camera zoomed in. Even then they can be light or smudged. A USB endoscope attached to my cell phone works great but the resolution is a bit coarse. Can you suggest major & repair forums to post in? I've done it in the AGF and the huge thread on TDPRI.com. http://www.tdpri.com/threads/69-71-y...151311/page-28
  10. Thanks!! The most important thing is the internal date code. Someone working on guitars would have the most opportunity to find that since you kind of have to remove the strings to do it. Unless you have a USB endoscope camera like I found. Do you know of any other sources where I could possibly find this info?? I could try contacting people selling guitars on Reverb and eBay but I'm sure I'd get a lot of rejections and it would take a ton of time.
  11. Nice guitar!!!! I'd love to find one of those! Yea, the 8 digit system is easy and straight forward. The way it should be. I had done some research on Jacaranda. Technically, it's not even in the same family as rosewood, so it's not rosewood. But it sure looks like BRW!!! I'll take it!!
  12. WANTED – Data from your vintage Yamaha FG guitars. See the end of the post. I’ve been collecting data on vintage Yamaha FG acoustic guitars for a few years. This past May Yamaha deleted their Yamaha Guitar Archive web page, pushing me to start a forum to share the info that I’ve collected, including all the data from the Yamaha Guitar Archive. I’ve written other articles on: the history of the Yamaha FG 1966-1981 & FG-3XX series; vintage Yamaha truss rod adjustment procedure; vintage Yamaha neck reset procedure; replacement nuts & saddles; Yamaha FG weights; Japanese emperor date
  13. I guess I can't add more than 1 link to a post. He's got 2 Youtube channels, maybe there is a maximum number of video's.
  14. I found a Japanese guy on Youtube who's done a few vintage Yamaha neck resets.
  15. There is no money in archives. They sold those instruments years ago. If they do bring it back I hope they take that guys picture off of the page.
  16. The Yamaha Guitar Archive is still down 2 months later.
  17. Monetary value has little to do with the mental value. My current favorite guitar is a Yamaha FG-110 that cost me $40. Recently I took it to the local guitar shop, the guy played it and shook his head. He said it looks like a pawn shop guitar and it shouldn't should like this. Clarity, sustain, resonance. It's certainly not the best guitar in existence, but I couldn't find a guitar in their acoustic room that played quiet fingerstyle as nice. Many of them would blow it away with strumming with a pick. It has it's place.
  18. The one vintage Yamaha I'm currently looking for is the FG-150. Unfortunately my current guitar budget (set by the wife) is SELL SOME, not buy.
  19. The Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Archive Excel file has been added to the forum. http://yamahavintagefg.boards.net/board/4/yamaha-fg-info
  20. Questions are good. Answers are hard to find when it comes to 40+ year old guitars made in Japan. But it's those questions that fueled my searches and I found some answers. A little luck hasn't hurt either. Yes, I've talked to The Guitar Medic by email a few times and I have a copy of his Yamaha file and everything else he has accumulated. Mine has much more. I see he's already mentioned, at the top of his page, that I'm working on the Yamaha site. Today I setup a new email, DropBox and Photobucket to host my files. Now all I need is time. Work and home have been nuts lately.
  21. I don't know that I'm an authority, but I've done plenty of research and saved everything I could find. It's about time I put it all in one place for other people to use. I thought about making a web page but I'd also like to gather data from other people. And a forum is easier at the moment. A web page may come later. If I ever have time to get the forum fully loaded. It may take a few weeks.
  22. I got a reply from Yamaha: "Please feel free to share your guitar data." I have the framework up for the Yamaha forum.
  23. I GOT A RESPONSE FROM YAMAHA!!!!!!! Hi Dave, Thank you for contacting Yamaha Support. Regarding your question, I would hold off a little, we are making a lot of changes to the website and the archive should come back. I hope you've found this helpful. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. Best regards, Ed Yamaha Customer Support
  24. I forgot to mention. I replied to the email from Yamaha 2.5 years ago when they sent me the Excel file of the Guitar Archive data, asking if it would be OK if I distributed it in a modified form. I also asked why the web page was taken down. That'll be two emails to them asking that question. We'll see if I get any replies.
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