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    I took this tip and I won a grammy!
  2. I have one and the advantage is that its cleaner. dust and everything doesn't get inside the faders
  3. Once the string stabbed me and it must have hit my bone because it HURT. And I had like a hole in my finger for months
  4. I'm going to keep it underneath the chair but I want it to sound good
  5. Is there any advantage to a mixer with rotary level controls and not faders?
  6. Does a guitar made from plywood benefit from a spectific effect to enliven its sound?
  7. you messed up the alignment it needs to get setup nm you meant the trem screws yeah just tighten them up. Put a block of wood or deck of cards behind it if you dont use the trem for more sustain. I thought before you meant intonation screws.
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