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  1. Hello guys. I have an interesting rhythm tone here: [video=youtube;gGocLJUYHSo] The power chord at 0:12 could've easily been mistaken for a tiger's roar. These are JCM 800s and/or 2000s (most likely 2000s). The rhythm guitar before 0:28 is a LP Junior with a P90 (stock I think), the rhythm after that is a humbucker (different guitarist), so I think it's agreeable that the tone is consistent across different guitars. I think it's also agreeable the JCMs and the guitars can't do this by themselves, so what's going on here? What could be causing the sound to be so throaty and Uberschall-ish? There also seems to be an extra layer of clipping there that you can hear at 0:37--is that a fuzz pedal and/or cranked compressor? Cheers.
  2. Okay. so this is the same thing, correct? Also, I'm still not sure what you were referring to earlier when you said "a clangy harmonic or two".
  3. Now I'll let you drown in your boredom, rage and teen angst (lol) alone.
  4. Just because you're bored doesn't mean you can't have an actual discussion. Or does it?
  5. Just because you're bored doesn't mean you can't have an actual discussion. Or does it?
  6. You can't argue on subjective things, but why not divulge the secrets that make this guitar so unique? Is there something magical about it that other guitar companies can't and/or won't do to their guitars (aside from having the word "Gibson" on their headstocks)?
  7. Yeah that sounds very close, but I think they were using a cranked modded JCM 800 so maybe I should do that that before I try to make a comparison. You mentioned unnatural harmonics, what are those exactly and how are they achieved in this case? Thank you very much Pop and gear for your help. Edit: I take that back, gear is definitely right on this one (good job), but again it's not gonna sound the same as a cranked JCM.
  8. Do you mean the high E open? What about Ex Bx G0 D0 A7 E9 I don't think there is a B. Also if anybody's interested this is the same part but with another guitar in, and if you take out your right headphone you can clearly hear it making this sound like an angry cat. What's going on there?
  9. Well I actually spent some time trying to decipher your mysterious script and I ended up with http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/forum/guitar/acapella-40/31334140-delete http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:A6NkPYdmTa8J:www.harmonycentral.com/forum/forum/guitar/acapella-40/31334140-school-me-on-atual-chords+&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ae&client=firefox-a It's a bit of a puzzle because it seems that the dude was referring to you in the second thread, and he was talking about some dude playing a middle finger type of chord, so I presumed meant all six strings. Then on the first thread you say something about "Googull says it's Portuguese for current," which would be the Portuguese word "atual". Then you say something about "Gesundheit.", then I was like "Oh so this guy's just some nutcase who types random foreign language 1-word replies to people. Then the other guy was like "its just another word from the italian music dictionary for chord?". And I was like, "How in the world is something like Gesundheit Italian?" Lol. You did annoy me a little. But thank you. I'll experiment with your suggestions and I may have some more questions for you if you're comfortable with that.
  10. Hello gear. You mean all 6(?) strings are strummed?
  11. An electric is physically easier to manipulate, but music associated with electric guitar playing is sometimes harder than music played on an acoustic. The finger placement is pretty much the same. Whether an guitar is electric or acoustic doesn't determine note position--the way you tune your guitar will determine which fret has which note. You will need an amplifier with speakers (what is known as a combo amplifier) and a cable to connect the guitar to the amplifier if you want an electric. I recommend getting something modest like a Peavey Vypr or Line 6 Spider which are quite good for a beginner, and upgrade later on. A good beginner electric guitar would be something like an Epiphone SG, Gibson SG Junior, or something modest from the PRS SE line, such as a PRS SE Mark Tremonti. Schecter also has good value mid to low end guitars.
  12. Hello folks at the end of this little phrase here: after the octaves, this strange fuzzy chord(s) pops in. Anybody knows what that is?
  13. Just know that if you plan on selling it later, nobody will buy it from you. If you plan on playing it, then I don't see why you would even need this guitar in particular. This is not even vintage in the word's actual sense. And I think there's no need to drive 10 hours to "feel" the guitar--you can already tell how it's going to feel just by looking at it and/or asking the seller more questions about it. If it was sellable then it would be a good idea to store it for a decade or two and then sell it, but again nobody will buy this obvious hoax.
  14. Hello my friend. I don't have experience with any of the gadgets you posted, but I'm surprised that you're implying that the guitar is hurting your back. Do you mind posting pictures of you sitting with the guitar in your arms? Even if you have some sort of back problem (do mention what it is, please), the guitar shouldn't be hurting your back.
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