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  1. Still have this? Can you PM me?
  2. Hey, where in Philly??? I am out near King of Prussia, in Chesterbrook. I am often down near Manayunk on Saturday and I could meet up to buy them from you. Rich Just realized this is an old post, D'oh!
  3. Is there an MXR 6 band sniper mod available? With the mod, are the pedals transparent? I had a modded (Not you guys) GE-7 and it sounded too artificial when on in the loop for leads. I compared a stock MXR 6 band to my modded GE-7 and the MXR sounded better so I am hoping the sniper MXR would also be better!
  4. Anyone know of a boutique quality EQ pedal that is line level? Maybe even a clean boost. I need something in the loop of my amp (line level) to boost for leads. I tried a Boss (Monte Allums modded) EQ and it sounded great but is not line level. My amp requires this. Thoughts??? Thanks!
  5. Boss GE7 graphic EQ w/ Monte Allums GE-7 Plus Mod kit installed. This is the Monte Allums mod plus. It is a great mod, but I can't use it in the loop of my amp because I need line level. Not many pedals are line level. This EQ is great and does what it is supposed to and is dead silent. My loss is your gain. This is in excellent shape with box. My Ebay account is ediev if you have concerns. These typically go for over $100 on the market. Thanks! $100 shipped.
  6. I just filled my pedal board with the thin as spaghetti George L patch cords. Are these okay? I have been told you need the thickly insulated cables for best performance and quiet performance.
  7. Hey guys! Anyone out there still prefer to gig with an analog delay over a digital delay? I am thinking of going back to analog even though I would not have tap tempo. I never use tap tempo live anyway since I use subtle delay and the audience doesn't notice. Rich
  8. My amp runs line level so I can't use the DD-6.
  9. Hey guys! I have an Egnater Mod 50 and am looking for a Delay for the loop. My cheapest solution is the Boss GigaDelay DD-20, then I am looking at the Maxon AD-9 Pro and the TC Electronic Novga Delay. The big thing is money is tight and I am having a hard time with parting with over $200 for a new or used pedal. I only use delay for some leads and som clean. For this reason, i am thinking a basic, used Maxon AD-9 Pro. However, the less expensive Boss used is tempting. Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. How about compared to the Maxon AD-9 Pro? digital delays? Can it handle a +4 input?
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