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  1. keeping the Les Paul Special. The Studio is for sale on ebay.
  2. on ebay right now - flip flop blue/green Gibson Les Paul Studio 2002, never played. selling this will pay for that !
  3. Thanks , the guy who owned it was sick of paying the payments on the guitar, so he put it on ebay to pay the bill off. He said he never played it, comes in original Gibson box. I bought it for 600.00 shipped ! My 16 year old will have a good Christmas ! Think I good deal for a change !
  4. Anyone have one of these ? I have one coming with plastic on the pick guard !
  5. It sounds good, its a Marshall but the Mesa has more tone options. Either one will look good with my 88 silver burst les paul . Its got to be silver. The Dr Z looks killer aswell
  6. I have one which I need to sell to buy one of 2. Ty
  7. http://www.freethetone.com/en/ Nice pedals , I bought the Flight Time Delay along with Tri Avator. Awesome
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mesa-Boogie-Express-Plus-5-25-1x12-Silver-Bronco-/322043285393?hash=item4afb468f91:g:qtoAAOSwv9hW6u4X http://www.ebay.com/itm/Marshall-Mini-Silver-Jubilee-2525C-1x12-Tube-Guitar-Combo-Amp-Silver-/262657052600?hash=item3d27948fb8:g:89AAAOSwNRdX8uPO
  9. Sounds great ! This is a Monster Sounding Les Paul. Sounds as good or better than my other 3
  10. its an investment for my son ! I am 100 + I can double what I paid for the guitar alone.
  11. Thanks, this one has the factory installed Schaller tremolo system . A lot easier to deal with than a Floyd. hoping for the best
  12. This is a rocking guitar. Its a new 2011 Traditional Gibson Les Paul. I found the guitar strap for 60.00. 2 packs monster energy Dunlop guitar strings. 3 monster energy guitar picks, 2 monster energy sweat bands sealed. 1 monster energy beach towel (nice) 1 monster energy base ball hat - total investment 1300.00. Value ?
  13. This one has the 60s neck profile. Can not wait to plug it in !
  14. chrome pickup rings or not ? I have a set but I think not
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