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  1. It is? I guess things must've changed quite a bit in the few years since I've been.
  2. http://www.carvinaudio.com/products/trc610a-10000w-complete-trx-pa-system Emphasis mine.
  3. If you don't know the answer to the question you've asked, then you know even less than they do and you're in no position to be taking the kind of pompous measures that you're proposing. Maybe they aren't any good, but you're no better and pulling a stunt like this is just going to make everything worse.
  4. What I was getting at, but may not have made all that clear, was that doing it digitally will likely cost less than getting an analog split snake. You get the functionality of your split snake with the added bonus of a FOH upgrade. Doing it digitally will definitely cost less than an analog split snake + fancy mic preamps. Just out of curiosity, what's your idea of "high-end preamps" and how many channels were you looking at? -Dan.
  5. It's the same idea as what's behind an advance from a record label or seed funding from a venture capitalist: somebody else is fronting the money to get a project off the ground. The only real difference is that it's now the end consumer who's fronting the money (and being exposed to the risk of a project not being finished) instead of somebody with really deep pockets.
  6. I guess you didn't hear about the guy who got $55k donated to him so he could make potato salad. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/27/potato-salad-kickstarter-ohio-fundraising-potatostock-party
  7. Just after reading the headline, I was wondering why you wouldn't do this digitally. If this organization can afford a transformer-isolated split snake and multipin disconnects, they can probably afford to upgrade their FOH desk to one of the new small digital boards w/ a Dante card. In theory, an X32 ought to be able to sit on the network and talk to any other Dante device. Actually, now that I think about it... You might want to look into changing out the FOH console to an X32 (or other Dante-capable desk that can also be remote-conrolled) and just outfitting the studio with a computer and Dante Virtual Soundcard. That'll allow the computer to see and receive audio from the X32, and the X32's remote control capabilities will allow you to control the preamps from the studio. Then you could avoid the Rednet altogether, though you'd still need some kind of interface in the studio. -Dan.
  8. Gating a kick is pretty common, and pretty easy if the drummer can hit hard enough to reliably trigger the gate.
  9. When you build the cables, put clear heatshrink over the colored tape. That will keep them from getting gooey.
  10. Because that's what nearly everything on the radio sounds like.
  11. This is the case with passive speakers, too - if either one dies, you get no sound. If you're worried about reliability and redundancy, then with a passive system, you'd have to carry an extra speaker AND amp, whereas with an active system, you just carry an extra speaker. -Dan.
  12. Said the guy who's apparently never had a house gig at a mid-tier sports bar with mediocre cover bands every weekend.
  13. Typically, the Control Room output is affected by the AFL/PFL/Solo bus. So, if you don't have anything solo'd then yes, you could very well get the same thing that's coming out of the main mix. But if you solo something, the solo bus will take priority and you'll only hear what's solo'd. Wow, what a hack. -Dan.
  14. If that's the case, something is seriously screwed up with your system. A lot of wifi devices access points / routers (particularly super-cheap ones or ones that work on a per-connection pricing model) can only handle a limited number of devices connecting to them, but all of them should be able to handle at least a couple of concurrent connections and none of them (AFAIK) should just bump whatever's already connected in favor of a new connection. -Dan.
  15. If you're talking about custom wiring harnesses, that's kinda the nature of anything bespoke, be it cabling, houses, or fancy suits. You'll pay out the nose to get any of them custom made for your particular desires, but will take a bath on them when you want to resell them. I've seen Economics defined as "the study of scarce resources which have alternate uses." The more alternate uses a particular resource has, the more demand there will be for that resource and thus, the higher the price it will command. Bespoke products have fewer alternate uses, so there's less demand for them. -Dan.
  16. Yeah, so, about that.... There's actually kind of a running joke among soundfolk about how random punters will comment on how they can't hear their girlfriend/boyfriend/son/daughter/etc who's on stage, despite that person's instrument being perfectly audible (and often, too loud). The truth is that you don't really know whether or not your flute is audible. I've been in churches of that size where the congregation sings loudly and I've been in ones where they barely make a peep. I wouldn't be surprised at all if your flute was loud enough to carry the room unamplified. The sound guy's comment about you needing a special clip-on mic initially made me think that they were short on equipment, but if he's bringing his own, then that wouldn't be the case. Do you move around a lot when you play? Out of curiosity, do you have any videos of this band playing?
  17. Do they use the same battery? That's where a lot of the weight usually comes from.
  18. I don't think it's exclusive to just your level. I'm getting married in a couple weeks and the hotel av company wanted $1200 for a single mic and speaker for 4 hours. I politely told them no thanks. -Dan.
  19. This article is clearly aimed at the lowest-tier bands who play in venues with limited capabilities. IME, few venues of that size will have the amount of microphones, processing, stage space, and/or soundcheck time to properly rig up a larger drum kit. In those cases, everybody is working with limitations that they'd prefer to not have to deal with, and being a "team player" can require sacrificing some of your wish list for the sake of the show. Unless you're a superstar-drummer-in-the-making and you absolutely need that 2nd kick or that 5th tom, because you're the 2nd coming of Terry Bozzio, leave 'em at home. The same is true for guitarists and their additional speaker cabinets.
  20. That's the new standard with digital anything. You guys should see how things work in the video game industry; it's so much worse. Previously, if you bought a game in the store, there would be no way for updates to get pushed to it, so it'd have to work when shipped. But now that broadband and digital content distribution systems are so ubiquitous (including on consoles, not just pc's), the "Day 1 Patch" is now the new deadline for getting all of your bugs fixed. I know guys in the industry who are lifelong, hardcore gamers who are on the verge of giving up on new console games, because they don't want to put a disc in only to be told that they have to wait an hour for a 3GB update to download. -Dan.
  21. Thanks! The wheelchair lift a pretty good idea, but omg no, owning and transporting a PA system is about the last thing I want to do. I do sound design these days, so the heaviest thing I have to carry is my coffee. I'll probably build a studio in the basement; maybe I'll post pictures of the buildout here, so you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong before I burn the house down.
  22. Well, we finally found a place. The inspection was a couple days ago and while there are a couple things the seller has to take care of, overall, it's in pretty good shape. http://photos2.zillowstatic.com/p_f/IStsdynnhlmbni1000000000.jpg -Dan.
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