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  1. i love the flint, for without the flint, I would have no fire and without fire I would be cold, hungry and sober
  2. like a cheap, lazy man's version of the blues, a more pigeon-holed and unimaginative genre you will not find.
  3. this is a well known issue with line6 stuff, it's so cheap and bad sounding many amps will screech their discontent in being asked to participate in such a sick orgy of bad tone
  4. seems like a good setup to me, I would rather a small clone than the boss chorus but that's user preference. And on that note I would throw a reverb on the end of the chain, and probably a phaser in the mix... probably another dirt pedal too lol ...
  5. acoustic electric folk rock bluegrass country techno jam band name ideas anyone?
  6. what you call a wah looks more like it migjht be a foot operated effects blend pedal or volume pedal?
  7. what you have sounds more like a faulty power cable or guitar cable, I recommend starting back with one pedal right to the amp and start rebuilding your pedal board one by one and you might come across the culprit, hope this helps
  8. he could with a pair of tweezers.... oh wait you said pick... please her with a tweezer
  9. I sold all my amps for spaceman pedals direct into a FR powered speaker
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