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  1. 1978 Antigua Telecaster. mint. I got a fair price for it, and have a couple really great teles, probably all of them 'better' than that Antigua, but still.
  2. I think a crowd notices something amuck, even if they can't articulate what it is, if a band plays 10 songs in a row, all in G. I read Paul Simon talk about arranging songs on an album release so that if the first song is in E, the second is in F, or G, the next in G or A, then a big jump to D, back to C, and he said even just the key changes will help to draw the listener in. My current band does country dance music. So we focus much more on tempo, get 'em dancin, keep 'em dancin, give 'em a rest, etc. But both are important, IMO.
  3. It was 'so ugly it's cool', to me. Fender did reissue the antigua as a MIJ offering for a year or two in the early 2000s, but the finish was much more 'green'. Didn't work for me. And like you, I have a couple really great teles.
  4. I had a 78 Antigua telecaster. Sold it in 95 or so, and got close enough to market price that I was happy with the deal. But I've gotten more into telecasters since then, and I'll never be able to afford that one again.
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