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  1. How else are you going to lure them to your yacht? Duh....
  2. Not every song about a boat qualifies as 'yacht rock', my friend. And most of what the Beach Boys did was not yacht. But the one of theirs that probably comes the closest is this: [video=youtube;89x9W9drH0Y]
  3. Champlin is the guy mixing the drinks on the yacht bar. He's there for every trip!
  4. Hey, I don't need no silly website to tell me what's Yacht or Nyacht. I know for myself! Part of the fun of Yacht Rock is deciding what is Yacht or Nyacht and why. Setting your own definitions. A friend and I listened to this station on a long drive last summer deciding whether each song or artist was truly Yacht and to what degree. I'll bet this one doesn't even make that website's list! But what good is a trip on your yacht without a smoooooth instrumental after sailing back to port? And the album cover seals the deal! [video=youtube;J7ji_PRL8_U]
  5. How is listening to a channel dedicated to the music "looking down upon them"? Part of being a Yacht Rock fan (which I proudly am) is having the ability to embrace the term. Keep it fun. It's just music, people.
  6. I'm fluffing up my chest hairs and polishing up my gold necklaces as we speak!
  7. That Ygnwie was influenced by Paganini is fine. Even if he didn’t do the same thing with it. That a bunch of young Ygnwie wannabes flocked to Paganini in search of something they didn’t understand or thinking it was somehow cool? it reminded me of all the drummers I knew who suddenly were reading Ayn Rand and not understanding a word of it.
  8. Ygnwie sold a LOT of Paganini CDs back in the day. Not sure if that was a good thing?
  9. No, but the sports media wasn’t taking them seriously. Small market teams don’t get the press and a lot dismissed them as too green and most expected the Raptors or even the Celtics to get past them. Like I said, kind of reminds me of the Warriors of a few years ago with a young team they built through the draft and a lot of people didn’t think were for real
  10. I think we're cool with the thread jack because The Beatles played their last concert in San Francisco and the Warriors are moving back there next year. But do they look like a new team? Or the old Warriors pre KD? But there's only so many points the team can score in a game. With KD in, the others back off, no doubt. Having him come off the bench would be interesting. Giannis is going to be a monster for sure. And where did the Bucks even find him? I'm just hoping the Raptors take them to six or seven games and wear them down a bit.
  11. It will be interesting. No one has taken the Bucks seriously, it seems, but they are frighteningly good. Kind of reminds me of the Warriors when they first got hot a few years ago. They've not just been beating everyone but CRUSHING them. But never count out the Warriors to just start raining 3's. And I can't even tell you whether it would be better or worse for them to have Durant make it back. Especially if he wouldn't be at 100%.
  12. The Lakers are a train-wreck when it comes to management. Kinda feel sorry for LeBron, but not really. He should have known what he was signing up for. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy watching the Warriors sweep the Trailblazers tonight.
  13. Yes, I know. I'm just saying that I don't think it was really the inability to recreate Sgt Pepper's that was the reason they stopped touring. Had they really wanted to continue they had plenty of material to tour with, including tracks on that album that would have sounded fine played as 4 pieces.
  14. Only if they wanted to do the entire album in a note-for-note reproduction style. But certainly they could have played a few of the tracks off the new album and a lot of older ones just like the rest of their tours if that's what they wanted to do.
  15. Yeah, I may have seen the Friday show, but I can't remember now. Couple of friends and I drove from Vegas to see the show and spent what, was then, a ridiculous price for tickets. LIke $60 or something to sit on the main floor lol.
  16. Was that at the LA Forum? I went to that show as well. Don't remember which night I was there, but it still stands as my most amazing concert experience ever. Realizing it was f'n Paul McCartney playing Sgt Pepper's was unreal.
  17. The other difference I see is that music written before the recording era is open for interpretation while contemporary music much less so. These Beatles acts are usually judged by how faithfully they can reproduce the original recording.
  18. I give all the credit to our sound engineer. And the girls.
  19. Girls can pull it off because most girls will look cute in just about anything. Guys wearing their own band's shirts comes off as trying too hard. JMHO
  20. I don't know if we have any transitions that I would say border on brilliance, but when doing covers there is nothing that says you can't be creative with arrangements. You don't want to make things unrecognizable, of course, but I think far too many bands take the "play it just like the record" thing way too far. Just hire a DJ if you only want a band that's going to sound like one.
  21. I'm with E-Money that the average listener doesn't notice. In the pantheon of "this song sounds too much like the last one", the key of the song is probably the last thing the average listener will connect on. I would also say it matters less if you have any time gap between songs. If you're stopping for even 5-10 seconds? I seriously doubt the key of the song will matter at all. My band does a lot of medleys where we cram bits and pieces of a bunch of songs together with similar tempos. On the opposite end of that spectrum, I used to believe it was important to have the songs be in the same key or at least be in keys relative to each other so that the transitions between songs would be as smooth as possible. Or maybe modulate up a key to add extra excitement to the medley. But I found out that it really doesn't matter. At least not in the manner that we play things and the audiences we play for. No doubt type of material and audience you are playing for are factors as well.
  22. Depends on the songs. If they are all blues songs of similar tempos, I'd say pretty important. Unless you want to run them all together as some sort of medley/mash up thing. If you're going from a rock song to a disco song? I'd say not at all.
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