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  1. Probably not if he continued to play only in bands that chicks didn’t like.
  2. Where I can empathize with her and part from the "you read the contracts before you sign them" criticism is that when people are starting out and willing to do just about anything for success, the labels and managers have a huge advantage and can easily convince people to sign contracts they later regret. It's not like Taylor Swift at 15 or anyone else first starting out has much leverage to be able to negotiate a contract most favorable to them. Swift's complaint here seems to be less that she signed a bad contract than it is that her albums, which she was planning to buy back from the label one at a time as she delivered them a new one are now in the hands of someone she has a bad history with. Understandable. And, knowing TS, she'll probably turn the whole incident into a couple of mega-hit singles.
  3. Ummm….yeah. Not really seeing the big "screwover" here. The contract she signed is the one she signed and she's, by all accounts, doing pretty well under the terms. In the history of "musicians who have signed bad contracts", this doesn't even come close. Could this be just another publicity move by TS? She's very good at those things.
  4. We used to play an outdoor beach venue fairly regularly. Sometimes they would cancel due to bad weather. Since there wasn't an actual contract, the general assumption was that as long as they called us to let us know it was cancelled before we started loading up to head out, it was usually good. Usually on such days, we'd be calling the venue asking if they still wanted us to perform. Late afternoon thunderstorms are common here in the summer, but you can generally tell by noon or so if it's going to be one of those afternoons or not. If the weather sucks, I'd rather not be playing outdoors anyway.
  5. Not sure what it’s like where you are, but the weather here is almost always blazing sun or something very wet. Even in the winter, the bright sun is an issue. So tents for outdoor shows are a standard part of our contract. And something that is double and triple checked on before we arrive. MAYBE if it’s virtually 100% certain it won’t be raining and we are playing after dark. But otherwise? Need that cover
  6. Maybe nobody plays in bands much anymore?
  7. Fascinating, in depth article on the 2008 UMG fire where hundreds of thousands of classic master tapes were lost. Apparently it was much worse than originally reported. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/11/m...core-ios-share
  8. This is one of things you pay for as the prices increase. On all the various Yamaha pianos, for example, I think they are all using pretty much the same very, very good sample set (until you get up into the REALLY pricey stuff). It’s the built-in speakers and how they built into the cabinet that are the major difference in sound quality.
  9. Yes. The little footswitch pedals that come standard with these boards work, but tend to travel around and become a distraction Best to spend the $20-30 for something like the Yamaha FC-4
  10. One can learn to play classical piano on a non-weighted synth but it’s kinda like learning to play classical guitar on a Strat. Or a ukelele.
  11. Honestly, I think this is fairly simple. Yamaha, Casio, Williams and others all make good beginning piano keyboards. If all they care about is the piano sound, then I’d suggest just going to the store and finding the one you think sounds/feels best for the budget you have. As a piano player, I’ve not found one I liked much for under $600, but I’m pretty picky about the sound and the feel. Under that price range and they all pretty much seem like toys to me. Especially for classical piano, you really want it to play like a piano. Yamaha has the best keybeds, IMO. And they have all sorts of options across the price ranges. Also, will they need a stand and a bench? i believe Yamahas cheapest weighted piano is the P-45 at about $450. Personally, I wouldn’t go less than that for someone wanting to learn classical. They have another line of non-weighted pianos called the Piaggero that are around $2-300. I have no experience with those. Casio makes a weighted board called the PX-160 that’s pretty good for around $400 If the budget is much below $400 I’d serious consider looking at something used with weighted keys.
  12. Some Motifs do have weighted keys. Weighted keys are essential for proper piano playing. For synth and organ playing, they can be a deterrent
  13. If he’s going to trying to learn classical piano, I do highly recommend weighted keys. as far as brands and models go? There are so many and almost all have decent - to - great piano sounds these days. Any idea of the price range?
  14. Sorry. Can't even hear it now. That is so far behind me. The Yacht is already many miles away and Gretchen is pouring me another Cuban Breeze. [video=youtube;v7A_dtDJXW0]
  15. They’d never catch the Yacht. It is outfitted with only the latest, greatest most powerful engine and accessories. And the expensive brand names make it even faster! The Yacht would be skating atop the surf at high speed while those guys would be weighed down by all the heavy chains and armor and down-tuned riffs.
  16. Only if he were hanging over the edge puking his guts out, perhaps...
  17. Any other genre? No. Just more than I apparently “understand” about Black Sabbath. BTW, Ozzy Osbourne wouldn’t even be allowed to swab the deck on the Yacht.
  18. Do you guys camp it up at all? I’d totally dig seeing a Yacht Rock band wearing the sailors caps. I’d try to find some young hot girl to mix drinks on stage. Yacht Rock Meets Dean Martin.
  19. Seriously? What’s the difference? I consider “Silk Degrees” to be the granddaddy of Yacht Rock albums. I consider most of the stuff prior to that album to be more of a pre-yacht thing. In my definition, Yacht Rock is the slick, jazz influenced pop-rock that was some of the first music designed to appeal to those aging boomers who were at least beginning to out-grow the harder-edged stuff they had been listening to when they were younger. The first “Rock” music really geared for an over-30 audience. Often with more adult themes in the lyrics as well. As a kid at the time I liked this music because so much of it was slicky produced and played by stellar musicians. I aspired to that level of musicianship. And most of it had more sophisticated chord changes than found on most rock records at the time. But it certainly wasn’t “cool” to be a Boz Scaggs fan at 16.
  20. Boz pretty much invented the genre. Or set the standard, at least Ain’t no better Yacht Rock album than “Silk Degrees”. No insult at all.
  21. I believe it's a free weekend if you have an inactive radio. Sail on, baby!
  22. They had it on for a few weeks in the winter selling it as an “out of season” thing but it’s always better when it’s warm out. Now if only it would stop raining here! is it just me, or does this music sound better when played through a pair of Bose speakers? .
  23. No, just the Michael McDonald era stuff. But Toto? Oh hell yeah. In fact, anything with a Porcaro brother anywhere near the recording is pretty much an automatic shoe-in. Jazz rock fusion is almost always acceptable to play on the yacht. Anything that sounds like it took a LOT of money to record will usually qualify. But the best yacht rock songs (IMO) are those with a bit of ironic sadness to them. Those that you'd play while busting out the lines of coke to impress that girl who is probably way too young for you but since you're now spending so much more time on your boat now that the wife has left you and has taken the house and the kids.....
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