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  1. [ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\t Views:\t1 Size:\t479.7 KB ID:\t32551589","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"32551589","data-size":"full"}[/ATTACH] Those Day on the Green shows at the Oakland Coliseum were the sh*t. Went to several of those when I was a kid in the 70s Tickets were $11.
  2. Especially in this day and age, getting the crowd involved is SO important. A great front guy can work a crowd like magic. But even with my band, we've worked up a few 'bits' that are tried-and-true for us and without fail get the crowd involved and leaves them thinking they had the best time ever. Fortunately for us we don't play for the same crowds over and over so we can use the same bits repeatedly. And it just takes a few. For the most part, we play the entire set straight through with no gaps between songs, except for 2 or 3 times a set where we specifically stop to do something with the crowd. And the getting-them-to-sing-along stuff works great too. But few bands are so good, or play in environments, where just giving them a "concert" to look at/listen to is going to be enough.
  3. Yeah, I love that board. Had one since they first introduced it. Ironically, it's the first Korg board I've ever owned as I was never a big fan of their products back in the day. They always seemed to me to be kind of cheaper knock-offs of what Moog, Sequential Circuits, Roland and others were doing at the time. But there really isn't much I can't do with it.
  4. It is also one of the many classic Korg synths that lives inside my Kronos. Very cool the way they laid out the various synths so that you can program them almost as you would the originals. The virtual MS-20 is a lot of fun! [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/www.muzykuj.com\/ufiles\/test-602\/image\/korg%20kronos\/Korg%20Kronos%20(6).jpg"}[/img2]
  5. If they want to issue a polysynth, why not stop fooling around with silly pedals and do the real thing?
  6. I should have been a bit more specific. No one under 60 has cable anymore.
  7. You're showing your age. No one subscribes to Cable TV anymore.
  8. Yep. I gave up on playing bars and focused instead on private event gigs 15 years ago. We don't play as often but the gigs are almost always for revved-up audiences that want to be there and want to enjoy the music and the band makes 10-15 times what a typical bar gig pays these days. As far as "quality product" goes? Yep. I blame the venues and the musicians for letting the quality decline. It used to be if you were out for the night with your friends and you saw a "live music" sign in a club, that was a place wanted to check out. Now it means you're most likely to see 3 old guys in a corner weakly bashing out some old rock songs your parents or grandparents played when you were a kid. Might be cool for a song or two, but actually, a DJ playing stuff you like better would be more fun. Or maybe karaoke because you can probably sing about as well as those old farts anyway.
  9. You’ll get no disagreement from me. It’s just that I don’t think telling anyone this will make a difference. I saw this decline in pay begin as soon as the “weekend warrior” and “dad band” thing started happening in the 90s. All these older guys who never played professionally suddenly now had the money to buy expensive gear and got together with their friends to play for fun. It was no problem for them to play out for less so they did. And the venues were happy to hire them for less. And the quality went down as well, but the venues didn’t care as long as the bands brought their friends out. Then people started valuing “live music” less as the quality declined. Downward spiral and so here we are.
  10. When my band plays weddings, one of the services we offer is we will learn their "special dances" for them. Usually this isn't anything too special for us, but just this last weekend the bride didn't require we learn any of those songs for them (they hired a DJ to do that) but told us that her grandmother was a huge Neil Diamond fan and asked if we could play "Forever In Blue Jeans" for her as a surprise. So no problem. All of 15 minutes needed to work up that one. So middle of the set we invite the bride and her 80-something grandmother up on the stage and she is in tears leading the entire crowd of 250 or so people singing the song along with the band. And her and the bride are both in tears hugging us all and thanking us after we finish. We sometimes will run into people we played for years ago and they will tell us about some song we played for them for something special we did. I usually have no recollection whatsoever, but it was obvious very special for them. Moments like that, as corny as they are, are sometimes what live performance can be all about. Even the cheesiest cover song that I would have no desire to ever play on my own--ever--can be something very, very special for someone and we can give them a moment they will never forget and probably talk about for the rest of their lives. That's good stuff.
  11. The problem is that off all the jobs you listed? Being a musician is the only one people enjoy enough to do just for the fun of it. So invariably there will be people who will.
  12. What's "a lot"? I knew some too. But nowhere near as many as who liked VH, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, LZ, who did songs with a lot of chick appeal and the bands had sexy lead singers. Which is one reason why you were much more likely to see a poster of one those guitarists up in their room rather than one of Randy Rhodes.
  13. When? When he did the power ballad duet with Lita Ford? Yeah, that lasted for 5 minutes. And even then, I think they just liked the song, not the singer. Sorry, but few chicks ever dug Ozzy or Sabbath. The one Ozzy concert I went to (1990ish) was a sausage-fest. Which is one reason (not the only of course) why guitarists like Van Halen, Page, and Slash had greater "guitar hero" status than guys like Rhodes, Blackmore and Yngwie whose appeal was more limited to other musicians and male fans of those bands. Only speculation but had Rhodes only continued on with Ozzy? He'd have remained a cult hero. Had he moved on to play with Whitesnake or Bon Jovi or some such band? Probably a whole different thing.
  14. One of my all-time favorite quotes, in the original context.
  15. Probably not if he continued to play only in bands that chicks didn’t like.
  16. Where I can empathize with her and part from the "you read the contracts before you sign them" criticism is that when people are starting out and willing to do just about anything for success, the labels and managers have a huge advantage and can easily convince people to sign contracts they later regret. It's not like Taylor Swift at 15 or anyone else first starting out has much leverage to be able to negotiate a contract most favorable to them. Swift's complaint here seems to be less that she signed a bad contract than it is that her albums, which she was planning to buy back from the label one at a time as she delivered them a new one are now in the hands of someone she has a bad history with. Understandable. And, knowing TS, she'll probably turn the whole incident into a couple of mega-hit singles.
  17. Ummm….yeah. Not really seeing the big "screwover" here. The contract she signed is the one she signed and she's, by all accounts, doing pretty well under the terms. In the history of "musicians who have signed bad contracts", this doesn't even come close. Could this be just another publicity move by TS? She's very good at those things.
  18. We used to play an outdoor beach venue fairly regularly. Sometimes they would cancel due to bad weather. Since there wasn't an actual contract, the general assumption was that as long as they called us to let us know it was cancelled before we started loading up to head out, it was usually good. Usually on such days, we'd be calling the venue asking if they still wanted us to perform. Late afternoon thunderstorms are common here in the summer, but you can generally tell by noon or so if it's going to be one of those afternoons or not. If the weather sucks, I'd rather not be playing outdoors anyway.
  19. Not sure what it’s like where you are, but the weather here is almost always blazing sun or something very wet. Even in the winter, the bright sun is an issue. So tents for outdoor shows are a standard part of our contract. And something that is double and triple checked on before we arrive. MAYBE if it’s virtually 100% certain it won’t be raining and we are playing after dark. But otherwise? Need that cover
  20. Maybe nobody plays in bands much anymore?
  21. Fascinating, in depth article on the 2008 UMG fire where hundreds of thousands of classic master tapes were lost. Apparently it was much worse than originally reported. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/11/m...core-ios-share
  22. I don't follow country music much, but I watch The Voice and really like Blake Shelton's personality. Seems like a really nice guy. And obviously very handsome. Last night they announce he's had 11 #1 singles, and he comes out and sings his new song. Uhhh....this guy can't really sing much. And he doesn't write his own material. So what's the appeal here? Just the good looks? [video=youtube;_e06lS65y84]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e06lS65y84
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