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  1. I have 3 of these and they are an excellent bargain. Not much info on the web but I believe they were made in India and are good quality....The neck and body are rock solid as the guitar is one of the heavier strats I've hefted. I have a really old one in which the body is made of laminate (not the plywood from the hardware store) of about 10 ply - the other two are heavier and made from a solid piece of wood. The neck is solid and straight with nice fat frets, maple with rosewood fingerboard. The electrics are of good quality and I've noticed the pots are 500k (most strats have 250k pots for single coil pickups) which would explain why they have been described as trebly. The pickguard, bridge, and pickups are not the standard strat size and are not 'hot swappable' with off the shelf strat style replacements without work. Although I like them the way they are I've replaced the tuners, the nut(they come with a black plastic one that is expoxied in and is tedious to remove but well worth replacing) and have covered the inside of the pickguard with aluminum foil tape. Because the pots are 500k that makes them suitable for humbuckers like the seymour duncan one that fits in the bridge. Rock solid and great fun to play..
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