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    epiphone FT-45 Cortez

    These came with the plastic adjustable bridge (glued to top) and a rosewood adjustable bridge (bolted to top). The plastic ones can crack & lift from top but in my opinion the tone variation is very little. Very easy / comfortable to play. For the price it's a fine USA made guitar.
  2. Drupoet

    Guyatone Regent eg80d

    The 1958 Guyatone Regent has two original Guyatone single coil (Gold Foil) pickups , overwound , no wax potting , double cutaway (very rare) it took me 40 years to find one just like the first one I owned. You see a few single cutaway guitars for sale but the double cutaway model is rare. If you can find one … buy it & you will dig the sounds.
  3. Drupoet

    Yamaha LS-500

    I own a 1970 Martin D-35 ; 1955 Gibson Country Western ; 1964 Epiphone Cortez........ this Yamaha LS500 is my favorite acoustic guitar. In the past I had been called a Martin "SNOB" because I would not play anything else. I gave it much thought & always knew that Bert Jansch played a Yamaha as well as Paul Simon & others.... so I finally bought a LL500 (also a great guitar) and I sold that one (big mistake) but the LS has a smaller body then the LL500. I would never sell this guitar.
  4. Drupoet

    Yamaha FG-331

    I was once called a Martin snob (my drummers wife - a folk guitarist) would never think of playing a Japanese guitar. Was I WRONG !! this guitar sounds amazing .. now I'm looking for a LS-500 .
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