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  1. I'm selling my left handed, 3-tone sunburst Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass. According to the serial number it was manufactured in 2005. It's in great working condition, and sounds amazing and there are only a few imperfections which you can see in the pictures I posted. There are some slight scratches, a chip next to the strap button, and the stacked pots are missing the knob. If you were to buy this item and wanted me to, I would buy another knob and pop it on before I ship or before we meet for no extra charge. I'm only posting this until Thursday, and will post it on eBay if I get no reply. This is a great price for this bass, especially because left handed models usually cost an extra $200 than the right handed version of the same model. Also included is a G&G hard shell case ($150 value), some spray, and set of DR lowrider stainless steel strings (but the E string is currently on the bass). See my CL listing for more pics: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/msg/4040707227.html Price: $1,200 (Doesn't include shipping. Price is negotiable)
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