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  1. Hey guys (girls) Thanks for the help I think i got a handle on it now, I have a technical background but speaker impedance was not part of the curriculum. As with troubleshooting anything, as soon as I was ready to test the amp/speakers it/they stopped making noise??? so I will sign off for now but will be back. Sixer
  2. Isaac42 Thanks for the info, looks like I'm going back to school because I want to understand a little more about this... sixer
  3. Thanks guys, I am a diesel mechanic by trade and just started gathering a little knowledge about all things sound related so these forums are a big help. I have a line on some equipment I can borrow to test with then we will see how to proceed from there. As to the impedance, does the crossover change the impedance of a driver? why such a difference from there specs to mine? sixer
  4. Hello DeepEnd: Thanks for the link, I've been looking for info on these for about a month now. 6 ohms does sound way better than 2.666 ohms. I know of the AR brand so when I saw these new in the box I had to have them and the Peavey IPS 150 was a good match but is now giving me undesirable results with the static problem . I will know more when I start testing as isaac42 suggested also if you or any of the others here know about the red box improved designation I would be interested.. sixer
  5. Sorry guys, I was fishing and fishing comes first , as your suggestions (Isaac42) I am trying to source a second amp/speaker combo as all of my other speakers are powered monitors, I will have time this week to open the amp up to clean and reseat any plugs. These AR 102's (redbox improved) have a 4 ohm tweeter and a 8 ohm woofer so, impedance of 2.6666666 ohms, below the 4 ohm setting of the amp, is this a serious problem? ( where did you find a 6 ohm spec?? I cannot find any info) This setup sounds great except at an idle when I hear the static noise, Thanks for the help... Lonny
  6. Hello good people:I recently acquired a set of NOS Acoustic Research AR 102's that I hooked up to a Peavey IPS 150 amp and all was good for about a month now the Peavey is causing static in both speakers with the inputs connected or disconnected, I have never had an amp like this opened up so is this a common problem and if so can it be fixed.The sound is intermittent and sounds like this "zzxpchkshshshkzzzchchchkk" (sorry no recording device)Sixer
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