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  1. I did see it, I wish I had some insider knowledge so I could have offloaded my price gouged unit to afford the new one! Still only 4 voices though... Between this and my regular minilogue I have some outdated gear that will be hard to sell to trade up. That's why I mention the Deepmind, true analog and 3× the voices plus effects... I'm just not sure Roland or Korg are ticking the right boxes for me in the near future
  2. They tease stuff on social media quite a bit, including Uli himself on Gearslutz. I mentioned those three because they've put out or interacted with those mockups (including the Solina in the Neutron/Model D form factor). On the one hand, they're doing outreach to see what people are wanting, but on the other wonder if there is going to be an onslaught of vaporware down the pipes. I have a JU-06 boutique, and quite like the sound, and form factor as well. But Behringer has the Deepmind that is so much more for the money. I've no doubt they can do big beast classic performance synths eventually.
  3. The speculation about their upcoming revivals is getting a little out of hand, fueled largely by Behringer themselves. All this talk about CS80, Solina, Jupiter 8 clones seems self defeating if they never come to fruition
  4. My first was a Boss DR-5 "Dr Rhythm Section", sort of an early groovebox. The pads were in the shape of fretboard and it had many semi-decent GM-type instrument presets. The sequencer was very easy and intuitive. Great for sketching song ideas. Now I use the MPC Live as the hub for everything. I do miss the immediacy and limitations of that DR5
  5. I regretted not getting their EHX Deluxe Memory Man clone to replace my vintage broken original, they went for $50 new and now I can't even find them second-hand. I'm going to slap myself if I let that happen with the Model D.
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