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  1. Ok. but if a guy programs a drum part that requires three arms and four legs maybe he's thinking like several drummers. 😁 but I know what you mean and you know what I mean. don't program a flute to play chords. don't make a trumpet part 3 octaves below middle C. Be stylistic.
  2. If that's what you meant I'm okay with it, because I agree. you're talking about think like a drummer I assume?
  3. The real trick with drum programming or midi instruments is to be stylistic. Don't program stuff a human couldn't pull off.
  4. If you have a lot of wide panning with other instruments like stereo guitars for example sometimes mono drums can sound huge.
  5. And of course famously the two sections of Strawberry Fields by The Beatles were actually in different keys. They were bodged together with tape speed trickery.
  6. soloists in symphony orchestras have been known to tune a few cents sharp. in fact orchestras worldwide have been drifting sharp for decades. it's not 440 anymore. there are even Renaissance Revival musical groups who tune to what was the lower pitch standard in Mozart or Bachs era.
  7. I remember someone in music school saying that Bach had a theory that different Keys expressed different emotions I guess. D major was supposed to be triumphant.
  8. If your tube amp breaks up early and you would like more clean headroom, you can swap one of those 12AY7 tubes in place of the 12AX7 in your preamp section.
  9. Insread of posting videos, I will list Petty songs currently in rotation which my band plays. Mary Jane Running Down a Dream Walls Free Falling Learning to Fly Refugee Wildflowers You Wreck Me
  10. What's wrong with that? I need to know. So here we go... Again!
  11. I bought a boss Katana 50 amp. for a backup in my gig bag I got a quilter microblock 45. retired my 20 year old Peavey classic 30 after its last visit to the repairman. 70's era Peavey classic 50 I retired because that thing is heavy as a twin.
  12. The Negroes in the forest brightly feathered They are saying, "Forget the night. Live with us in forests of azure. I was always WTF when Big Beat played on the radio.
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