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  1. Very nice article Phil.
  2. Phil can you comment on this device vs the Alesis Adat HD24?
  3. I worked for a company called Rhythm Band for about 15 years as the QC supervisor, and we carried Remo products. One day I looked up as a little guy walked through my work area and it was Remo Belli, heading upstairs for a meeting with our president Bob Bergin. Remo was friendly and a real pleasure to meet. RIP
  4. Years ago I bought an old Gibson tube amp 1958 GA6. the tubes were Sylvania but they had been painted black. My amp tech called them war surplus blackout tubes and said they had been used in military field radios, painted so the glow could not be seen at night.
  5. Here's my Niccolo Paganini story. The virtuoso violinist was put into debtors prison for a time. He did have his violin with him so he could continue to practice. unfortunately the high string broke at some point and he had no replacement. So he had to play those notes way up the neck on the third string. Got rather fluent at it. after his release Niccolo was giving a recital. Lo and behold the high string breaks during the midst of the performance. And he switched effortly over to continue to play out the piece way up the neck on the 3rd string when required. audience gasps in amazement. They said he made a deal with the Devil, ala Robert Johnson I suppose. Nope, he was merely prepared from his time in the jail cell with only 3 strings to work with.
  6. [QUOTE=Phil O'Keefe;n32520572] Cue the drummer jokes... :lol: [/QUOTE] Did you hear about the drummer who locked his keys in the car? Took him hours to get the bass player out.
  7. And it's the same thing with multiple mics on a guitar cab for example. Hey, where did all my bass frequencies go! and I just noticed something rather fascinating about the kick mic on the Glyn Johns illustration. It appears to be micing the shell instead of the head or the beater. not in this context but I have heard about guys doing that before. I think they said that there's a pressure wave that runs along the inside of the shell maybe a half inch or so in distance that's killer for micing. Haven't tried that yet.
  8. And here's a picture to help you guys visualize the arrangement.
  9. For overheads I prefer Glyn Johns to XY or spaced pair. Phil if you use the overheads for your primary picture of the drums you also time-allign the snare and kick to be in phase coherence? if so would you mind saying a few words to the home recordists in our community here about the importance specifically on drums with all the many microphones to get everything in phase coherence.
  10. 1 overhead above the snare and the other equidistant but placed just over the floor tom pointed at the snare?
  11. Ok. but if a guy programs a drum part that requires three arms and four legs maybe he's thinking like several drummers. 😁 but I know what you mean and you know what I mean. don't program a flute to play chords. don't make a trumpet part 3 octaves below middle C. Be stylistic.
  12. If that's what you meant I'm okay with it, because I agree. you're talking about think like a drummer I assume?
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