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  1. For rock I like the Rodger Nichols work with Steely Dan. For classical music probably the RCA living stereo series.
  2. I watched last night. Was glad to see a mention of Lefty Frizzell. My guitar playing dad and Lefty were boyhood chums in East Texas.
  3. We just added a girl singer to the band and played our first gig with her last Saturday. The tunes I learned for her 1st gig are: Fleetwood Mac - Landslide, Rhiannon and Say you Love Me Linda Ronstadt - When Will I be Loved Zep - Whole Lotta Love Dyer Makr Allman Bros - Whipping Post Yesterday I learned two Journey songs (Don't Stop Believing and Lovin Touchin Squeezin) and today I'll be working up two Queen tunes (We are the Champions and Crazy Little Thing Called Love). We will rehearse the four new songs on Wednesday and perform them at the gig Friday. Edit - here's Whipping Post.
  4. I like it! I dug up one of my old drum machine demos and just posted it. An original song composed by a bass player friend named Scott. https://m.soundcloud.com/tom-hicks888/hill-to-climb
  5. I had that very pair, HR16 and MMT8. Then a lightning storm fried all the memory in my HR 16. So I went down to the public library and checked out a book by Louie Bellson, and programmed his patterns into the HR 16.
  6. Back in the 1980s when I was making 4-track cassette recordings on a Tascam Porta 3 I had a zoom drum machine whose model I don't remember and then I got a Alesis HR 16.
  7. Phil can you comment on this device vs the Alesis Adat HD24?
  8. I worked for a company called Rhythm Band for about 15 years as the QC supervisor, and we carried Remo products. One day I looked up as a little guy walked through my work area and it was Remo Belli, heading upstairs for a meeting with our president Bob Bergin. Remo was friendly and a real pleasure to meet. RIP
  9. Years ago I bought an old Gibson tube amp 1958 GA6. the tubes were Sylvania but they had been painted black. My amp tech called them war surplus blackout tubes and said they had been used in military field radios, painted so the glow could not be seen at night.
  10. Here's my Niccolo Paganini story. The virtuoso violinist was put into debtors prison for a time. He did have his violin with him so he could continue to practice. unfortunately the high string broke at some point and he had no replacement. So he had to play those notes way up the neck on the third string. Got rather fluent at it. after his release Niccolo was giving a recital. Lo and behold the high string breaks during the midst of the performance. And he switched effortly over to continue to play out the piece way up the neck on the 3rd string when required. audience gasps in amazement. They said he made a deal with the Devil, ala Robert Johnson I suppose. Nope, he was merely prepared from his time in the jail cell with only 3 strings to work with.
  11. [QUOTE=Phil O'Keefe;n32520572] Cue the drummer jokes... :lol: [/QUOTE] Did you hear about the drummer who locked his keys in the car? Took him hours to get the bass player out.
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